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What is InPort?

InPort is the centralized repository of documentation (metadata) for NMFS data and the tools to access the data, as required by the Data and Information Management Policy Directive and the Data Documentation Procedural Directive.

FIS  NOAA Fisheries

As NMFS’s official metadata catalog, InPort is the single most important component in NMFS Enterprise Data Management (EDM) architecture which enables our customers to find, access and understand our vast array of data and information.

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2019 - 2020 USGS/NOAA Topobathy Lidar: Farallon de Medinilla & Pagan, CNMI
Data Set  |  OCMP

Topo-bathy lidar acquisition and processing in the Mariana Islands covering Farallon de Medinilla and Pagan. This product is a classified lidar point cloud data tiles in LAS 1.4 format, delivered in 500m x 500m tiles with FileSourceID set to 0, headers in OGC(2001) WKT, intensity normalized to 16-bit, and linear rescaling. Lidar is clipped to the extent of the area of interest for the topo-bath...

Coastal Mapping Program of Saddlebunch Keys to Cudjoe Key, FL, FL1701A-TB-N
Data Set  |  NGS

These data provide an accurate high-resolution shoreline compiled from imagery of Saddlebunch Keys to Cudjoe Key, FL . This vector shoreline data is based on an office interpretation of imagery that may be suitable as a geographic information system (GIS) data layer. This metadata describes information for both the line and point shapefiles. The NGS attribution scheme 'Coastal Cartographic Ob...

SEAMAP Reef Fish Survey (1992 - 1997; and 2001 - 2015)
Data Set  |  SEFSC

The Southeast Fisheries Science Center Mississippi Laboratories conducts standardized fisheries independent resource surveys in the Gulf of Mexico, South Atlantic, and U.S. Caribbean to provide abundance and distribution information to support regional and international stock assessments. The reef fish survey is conducted primarily on the outer continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico along top...

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