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What is InPort?

InPort is the centralized repository of documentation (metadata) for NOAA Fisheries and National Ocean Service data, as well as tools to access the data, as required by the Data and Information Management Policy Directive and the Data Documentation Procedural Directive.

FIS  NOAA Fisheries

As its official metadata catalog, InPort is the single most important component in NMFS Enterprise Data Management (EDM) architecture which enables our customers to find, access and understand our vast array of data and information.

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Document  |  SEFSC

Generated email from NCEI confirming the receipt of original data package for this Accession

Entity  |  SEFSC

Provides data for basisOfRecord occurrence: sightings (marine mammal) and other (non-mammal sightings). Main goal is to provide species identification of marine organisms. Sightings and other observations are uniquely identified by occurrenceID. E.g.: 1_637_40: mammal sighting number 1, effortPoint 637, species code 40 (Atlantic spotted dolphin - Stenella frontalis); 35_43421_303: non-mammal...

Entity  |  SEFSC

file providing data for eventType: effort points (effortPoint), sighting cues (cue), marine mammal sightings (sighting), and additional observations, including non-mammal sightings (other). Main goal is to provide spatial-temporal and other data for these events. parentEventID links common effort points to one another by the prefix "cruiseCode_t_X", cues are linked to a specific sighting...

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