U.S. Leadership at ICCAT Contributes to Adoption of Historic Management Procedure for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Key conservation measures for sea turtles were also adopted at the meeting.

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Woman holds a red drum while sitting in a blue kayak on the water Woman holds a red drum while sitting in a kayak on the water. Credit: Sandra Lewis.
fishing-vessel-pt-judith.jpg Fishing vessel in Point Judith, Rhode Island. Credit: NOAA Fisheries.
Two people stand on a grassy hill near a river Veteran Damon Jackson (left), a NOAA intern in Portland, Oregon, visits a restoration project on the Willamette River. Credit: NOAA
2592x1728-San-Diego-Docks-2015-LianaHeberer_NOAA.jpg Rainbow in the dusk sky at San Diego Harbor. Credit: NOAA/Liana Heberer.
Native American Eskimo and kayak Native American Eskimo and kayak. Credit: Fish and Wildlife Service/E.P. Haddon.
Friends holding dolphinfish at the dock. Friends enjoying a recreational fishing trip where they caught two bull and one cow dolphinfish (Atlantic mahi mahi). Photo courtesy of Ellie Hartman