Celebrate Corals Week

Corals Week is December 4–8, 2023! Join us in celebrating this diverse group of invertebrate animals and the reef habitats they create.

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Tan corals fanning out with fish swimming among them The branches of fast-growing elkhorn coral provide important habitat for fish. Populations of this iconic coral have declined across the Caribbean due to disease, bleaching and storms. Credit: NOAA
Coral reef in Tres Palmas, Puerto Rico (Photo: NOAA) Coral reef in Tres Palmas, Puerto Rico (Photo: NOAA)
Scientists with flash lights overseeing experimental coral spawning  in lab tanks under red light. University of Hawaii’s Coral Research Lab staff watching the experimental corals in lab tanks spawning under red lights. Credit: University of Hawaii.
Four people bundled up against the cold are carrying a new door across the terrain. The door is vertical and the people are carrying it using wooden rods propped on their shoulders. Rocky hills and fog are in the background. Carrying the replacement door for the outdoor shelter. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Jefferson Hinke