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Yellowfin tuna underwater The IATTC adopted new three-year management measures for tropical tunas including yellowfin caught by purse seine and longline vessels in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Credit: Shutterstock/Al McGlashan
Timeline of our 2021 shipment Timeline of our 2021 shipment. What is usually a two-month journey for our scientific gear has taken longer than three months this year. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Jen Walsh
A color image taken at a fish sampling station on the NOAA Ship Henry Bigelow. The board is light-colored. The fish is on its belly, wing-like side fins fanned outward and its trademark spines sticking up along its backbone. A brilliantly red sea raven, Hemitripterus americanus. Sea ravens come in many shapes and colors, but this one is among the most striking. Credit: NOAA Fisheries
A color image taken in daylight. Two plankton nets suspended over the side of a research vessel. The smaller net is attached to the tow cable above the larger net, and an instrument that measures the conductivity,temperature, and depth of the nets while they are deployed is attached to the wire in between them. A bongo net is deployed off the NOAA Ship Pisces. Bongo nets collect plankton and other tiny marine life. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Harvey Walsh