International Affairs

International Affairs

U.S. fisheries are a global model of success. We are leading the way in science-based management and in the use of innovative strategies to achieve and maintain sustainable fisheries and to preserve and rebuild protected species, including marine mammals and sea turtles. We engage with other countries bilaterally and through various multilateral international fisheries organizations to promote sound management and conservation of global fisheries resources in a manner consistent with U.S. domestic fisheries policy.


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International Species Conservation and Management

Species are distributed throughout the world’s oceans, so their conservation and recovery requires collaborative action on a global scale. Learn more about ongoing measures taken toward the international conservation and management of sharks, marine mammalstunas, sea turtles, nautilus, seabirds, and the issue of international bycatch

Seafood Commerce and Certification

We work to ensure confidence in U.S. seafood by protecting and strengthening the seafood market through global trade, establishing partnerships with industry and consumer groups, and providing voluntary seafood inspection services.

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Marine Mammal Import Provisions Rule

The Marine Mammal Protection Act Import Import Provisions rule implements aspects of the MMPA that aim to reduce marine mammal bycatch associated with international commercial fishing operations by requiring nations exporting fish and fish products to the United States be held to the same standards as U.S. commercial fishing operations.

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Seafood Import Monitoring Program

For imports of certain seafood products, there are reporting and recordkeeping requirements needed to prevent illegally caught, unreported, unregulated, and/or misrepresented seafood from entering U.S. commerce. This provides additional protections for our national economy, global food security, and the sustainability of our shared ocean resources.

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We administer various programs requiring federal permits to authorize commercial and recreational fishing within and beyond U.S. waters. We coordinate issuance of high seas fishing permits, foreign fishing permits, Antarctic marine living resource trade permits, and international permits. Additionally, we participate in the National Permit System, a government service portal for electronically available permits.”

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International Cooperation

We build strategic partnerships with other nations, particularly with developing countries, to promote sustainable and responsible management of fisheries and other relevant marine resources at the national, regional, and global levels.

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Fish and other marine animals travel beyond national boundaries.