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Beluga, Delphinapterus leucas, Ethogram: A Tool for Cook Inlet Beluga Conservation?

Marine Fisheries Review, 77(1), 2015: A whale ethogram - a comprehensive description and definition of behavioral states and events exhibited by the endangered stock of Cook Inlet beluga whales.

Potential natural and anthropogenic impediments to the conservation and recovery of Cook Inlet beluga whales, Delphinapterus leucas

Marine Fisheries Review: A summary of current and potential factors and key gaps in existing knowledge of these factors as they relate to Cook Inlet beluga survival and recovery.

Spatial, Temporal, and Biological Characteristics of a Nearshore Coral Reef Fishery in the Northern Mariana Islands

A detailed description of the CNMI nighttime commercial spear fishery and the importance of establishing long-term monitoring programs for coral reef fisheries.

Synergy Among Oceanographic Variability, Fishery Expansion, and Longline Catch Composition in the Central North Pacific Ocean

Spatial variability in oceanographic conditions play a large role in influencing the magnitude and composition of catch for Hawai'i's bigeye tuna longline fleet.

Revealing Complex Social-Ecological Interactions Through Participatory Modeling to Support Ecosystem-Based Management in Hawaiʻi

Study of connectivity between ecosystem pressures and services identified through local stakeholder input.

Impact of Exceptional Growth Rates on Estimations of Life-Stage Duration in Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

New information on growth spurts and the potential impact on estimates of lifetime growth rate and age at first reproduction for the Hawaiian population of green sea turtles.

Bigeye Tuna Catch Limits Lead to Differential Impacts for Hawaiʻi Longliners

An examination of the effects of quota reductions on the Hawai'i longline fleet.