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Fish & Sharks

NOAA Fisheries manages 474 stocks or complexes under 46 fishery management plans. Maintaining healthy fish populations is vital to our nation’s economy—important for commercial and recreational use, integral to our coastal communities, and providing healthy sources of protein. We work to manage sustainable marine and migratory fish populations under the Magnuson-Stevens Act and protect any fish species listed under the Endangered Species Act.

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Marine Mammals

Marine mammals are mammals that rely on the ocean to survive, such as dolphins, porpoises, whales, seals, and sea lions. They are vital to the balance of marine ecosystems and are key indicators of the overall health of the ocean. All marine mammals are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

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Endangered & Threatened Species

NOAA Fisheries has jurisdiction over 163 endangered and threatened marine species, including 65 foreign species. Species diversity is part of the natural legacy we leave for future generations. We work to safeguard species at risk of extinction, of which there are two main groups—endangered and threatened species. A species is considered endangered if it is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range. A species is considered threatened if it is likely to become endangered in the future.

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Species in the Spotlight

Some species face bigger challenges to their survival than others. The Species in the Spotlight initiative is a concerted effort by NOAA Fisheries to rally individuals, agencies, partners, and institutions large and small to help save nine highly-imperiled species from extinction. We are working to boost recovery actions and raise awareness about these marine animals.

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