Outreach & Education

Outreach & Education

NOAA envisions healthy ecosystems, communities, and economies that are resilient in the face of change. To support this vision, our outreach and education programs aim to:

  • Educate and inspire the nation to use science toward improving our understanding of ocean life.
  • Conserve and protect our ocean resources.
  • Encourage stewardship to care for our oceans and coasts.
  • Prepare a future workforce to continue our mission.

We strive to support educational opportunities for all sectors of the public—from preschoolers to postgraduates and educators to fishermen. Explore our website to find educational resources, professional development opportunities, and upcoming events. 

Featured News

Image of a global map describing difference from average temperature for March 2020 The Teaching Climate Change Course is full of graphics and data that help explain climate science. Credit: NOAA NNVL
BWETHamptonSchools.jpg Hampton (Virginia) City Schools students learn about their local stream during a learning experience supported by NOAA B-WET.
Aerial photo of Steller sea lions on a rocky island bordered by blue-gray water and surf. Aerial survey image of Steller sea lions on a rocky island in Southeast Alaska. Credit: NOAA Fisheries.
A fish under the surface next to a boat, with a fish descender device connected to its mouth to help guide it down. Fish released with descending devices can swim back down to their habitats and avoid injury or predation. Credit: Adrian Gray