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Fun Facts About Sea Life

NOAA Fisheries answers thousands of questions every year about the oceans and the life that thrives within them. Learn fascinating information about fish and other marine animals, and dive deeper into more information on these species.

Photo collage, shark, lobster, sea turtle, seals, whales, flounder.
wide-open fish mouth

Fascinating Fish

Did you know that scientists figure out the age of a fish by counting growth rings on its scales or ear bones?

Fascinating facts about fish

Amazing facts about Atlantic salmon

Shocking facts about sharks

Take a deeper dive with fish and sharks

Fingertip holding juvenile lobster

Intriguing Invertebrates

Do you know how many 1-pound lobsters it takes to get a pound of lobster meat? (Hint: the one pictured to the right does NOT weigh a pound!)

Get more intriguing invertebrate info

Learn about luscious lobsters

Dive more deeply into invertebrates

Beach dotted with harbor seals

Surprising Seals

Did you know that scientists think seals can use their whiskers to feel vibrations from swimming prey? Blind seals in the wild seem to be able to hunt and feed without sight.

See more surprising seal facts

Take a deeper dive into seal (and sea lion) species

leatherback turtle head above water as it swims

Terrific Sea Turtles

Did you know that all six kinds of turtles found in U.S. waters — green, hawksbill, Kemp's ridley, leatherback, loggerhead and olive ridley — are protected by the Endangered Species Act?

Find out more about sea turtles

Take a closer look and explore a variety of sea turtle species

Calf and mother, North Atlantic Right whales

Wonderful Whales

Did you know that the right whale got its name because it was the "right" whale to hunt, because is slow moving and it floats after being killed? It is now the most endangered species of whale off of the U.S. coasts. 

Wise up about whales

Take a deeper dive into whales

Edgar Kleindinst of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center created the original version of this site in 1993, based on the article "Being a bouillabaisse of fascinating facts about fish: the most-asked questions," in NOAA Magazine, April and July of 1973. The site was one of the very first Fisheries web pages and was recognized with agency-wide awards. 

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