What We Do

We provide expertise and advice throughout the agency to help guide messaging for target audiences.
We coordinate and collaborate with communications professionals across offices on strategies, announcements, and campaigns.
We oversee a broad range of products and services such as:

Strategic Communications

  • National stakeholder engagement
  • Web & social media
  • Brand management & graphics design
  • Video & podcasts
  • Internal communications
  • Communications training


  • Teacher at Seaa program that sends more than 30 teachers on our research ships every year to help our scientists with their research and take what they learned back to the classroom.
  • Fisheries Education Council—a forum for Fisheries educators to share their expertise, experience, and projects.
  • Climate Stewards Education Program—a NOAA Ocean Service program that provides educators with tools and support for building a climate-literate public actively engaged in climate stewardship.

Congressional Correspondence 

We facilitate written communications sent to or received from Members of Congress.

Our Leadership

Management Team