Seals & Sea Lions

Seals and sea lions belong to a group of marine mammals called pinnipeds which means fin or flipper-footed. All seals and sea lions are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and some are also listed under the Endangered Species Act. Together with our partners, we work to protect, conserve, and recover these species.


Feature Story

Rare Albino Fur Seal Pup Stands Out

NOAA Fisheries Affiliate Vladimir Burkanov discovered an albino fur seal on a recent research trip to the remote island of Tyuleny in the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia.   The reddish-gold pup has very light colored eyes and pink flippers. It was born in…

Peer-Reviewed Research

Publications by Northeast Passive Acoustic Research Staff

Our staff regularly publish their findings in scientific journals and Center-produced documents…

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Our Passive Acoustics Research Group frequently makes the news. This page links to articles and other media featuring our staff and their research.

Marine Mammal Strandings in San Diego County

Responding to dead whale, dolphin, porpoise, and pinniped strandings


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