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New Species Named for NOAA Fisheries Scientist

NOAA Fisheries veterinarian/sea turtle pathologist Dr. Brian Stacy recently became the first Office of Protected Resources scientist to have a new species named after him. His former colleagues announced the discovery of a previously unidentified parasite in the heart of a Florida sea turtle earlier...
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Green sea turtle.

The newly discovered Amphiorchis stacyi blood fluke was found in the heart of a Florida green sea turtle.

Cold Snaps and Stunned Sea Turtles

Celebrate Sea Turtle Week and learn how NOAA cares for sea turtles throughout the year.
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Cold stunned sea turtle.

A cold stunned sea turtle floats at the surface in shallow water. Credit: NOAA.

Working Together to Understand Social and Ecological Connections in West Hawai‘i

The Hawaiian Islands are surrounded by a complex and dynamic marine ecosystem—home to creatures like corals, reef fish, manta rays, and turtles. An environmental backbone to the economy and well-being of its communities, the marine environment and Hawaiian society are linked in various ways. In West...
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Limpets, or ‘opihi, a local delicacy along the coast.

Limpets, or ‘opihi, a local delicacy (Photo credit: Hoku Johnson/NOAA Fisheries)

Woods Hole Aquarium Vet Talks Turtles

At the Northeast Fisheries Science Center we are actively involved in research to better understanding the biology and ecology of sea turtles that visit our region. Our Science Aquarium in Woods Hole is one of a handful of facilities equipped to treat cold-stunned and stranded sea turtles after they’re...
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vet handling turtle

Michele Sims, vet to the Woods Hole Aquarium, examines a turtle.

Sea Turtle Secrets: Necropsies Reveal Important Information

Once the sea turtle cold stun season is over, Wellfleet Audubon holds several necropsy sessions where all of the turtle carcasses, sometimes numbering into the hundreds, are examined and sampled.
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Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary's Bob Prescott dissecting a dead sea turtle

From the Deep to the Reef

Research expedition examines biology of deepwater and coral reef fishes in Mariana Archipelago.
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Researchers use small boats to collect fish samples for life-history studies (Photo: NOAA Fisheries/James Morioka).

Researchers use small boats to collect fish samples for life-history studies (Photo: NOAA Fisheries/James Morioka).

Meet NOAA sea turtle biologist Ben Higgins

Ben manages the NOAA sea turtle facility located in Galveston, Texas.
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Ben Higgins.JPG

NOAA Galveston's Ben Higgins preparing to release a sea turtle

Celebrate Sea Turtle Week by Learning How to Help

Review these reminders about what to do if you see a sea turtle in distress.
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Green sea turtle hatchling swimming