Atlantic Highly Migratory Species International Trade Program

The HMS International Trade Program regulates trade, including import, export, and re-export of Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern bluefin tuna; swordfish; bigeye tuna; and shark fin.


The HMS international trade program was last modified to incorporate the International Fisheries Trade Permit and the International Trade Data System in a final rule published on August 3, 2016. Prior to that, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) electronic bluefin tuna catch document was implemented in a final rule published on April 1, 2016.

In addition to the requirements identified here, there are other import documentation requirements for HMS. Imports of tuna, swordfish, and sharks are subject to the requirements of the Seafood Import Monitoring Program. Imports of frozen or processed tuna are subject to requirements of the Tuna Tracking and Verification program. To determine which requirements apply to your product, visit the Online Compliance Guide for the Importation of Tuna.

Effective September 20, 2016, entities importing or exporting the species listed above must obtain the International Fisheries Trade Permit, which replaced the HMS International Trade Permit. As of this date NOAA Fisheries also implemented the International Trade Data System, and all trade documentation must be submitted via Customs and Border Protection's Automated Commercial Environment. For more information, see our International Trade Data System page.

Effective May 1, 2016, catch and trade information for export, re-export, and import of Atlantic bluefin tuna must be entered in the ICCAT Electronic Bluefin Tuna Catch Documentation (eBCD) System. Atlantic bluefin tuna that was harvested and documented on paper prior to May 1, 2016, and continues in trade is exempt from this requirement. For assistance using the eBCD System, please refer to the User Manual and Compliance Guide or contact Customer Service at (301) 427-8589 or

Beginning the weekend of December 9, 2017, and until further notice, the eBCD weekend helpline coverage will be limited to Saturdays only. The helpline will continue to be open during regular business hours on weekdays.

Compliance Guide

This compliance guide summarizes HMS International Trade Permit program permitting and reporting requirements. If there is a discrepancy between the regulations and this guide, the regulations will take precedence.

Permit Application and Reporting Forms

Reporting and Trade Forms


Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Atlantic bluefin tuna

Pacific Bluefin Tuna

Pacific bluefin tuna



Southern Bluefin Tuna

Atlantic Bigeye Tuna (frozen)

Bigeye tuna

Pacific Bigeye Tuna (frozen)