SIMP Compliant Importers List

NOAA Fisheries announces new SIMP-Compliant Importers List (SIL) which recognizes U.S. seafood importers with a demonstrated record of audit compliance.

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NOAA Fisheries established the SIMP-Compliant Importers List in September 2020-- a valuable complement to the U.S. Seafood Import Monitoring Program. SIMP, a seafood traceability program for thirteen species that are particularly vulnerable to illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing or seafood fraud, requires importers to adhere to reporting and recordkeeping requirements to import these products into the United States.

SIL recognizes U.S. importers with a demonstrated history of excellent audit compliance with the SIMP requirements. There is no cost to importers to be included on SIL; and qualified importers have reduced frequency of audits based on their compliance record. SIL reduces costs to both the government and industry while incentivizing importers to maintain the reporting and recordkeeping requirements of SIMP.



International Fisheries Trade Permit (IFTP) holders maintaining the qualifications below will be included on the SIL:

  • Have a valid IFTP; and
  • Three consecutive completed SIMP audits with no findings of noncompliance in the preceding 365 days;
  • Provided chain of custody records requested for SIMP remote audits in a timely manner;
  • No pending enforcement actions with NOAA; and
  • No violations during the preceding five years of any trade requirement under any statute administered and enforced by NOAA that resulted in a final enforcement action.


Eligible IFTP holders will remain on SIL as long as eligibility requirements are met. Quarterly updates of the SIL will include any new qualified importers, and disqualified importers will be removed in a timely manner as needed.


SIMP-Compliant Importers List 

International Fisheries Trade Permit holders will be listed by the name associated with their permit. The first list of eligible IFTP holders is currently under review and will be made publicly available in October 2020.


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For more information contact or the SIMP support line at (301) 427-8301 (toll) or (833) 440-6599 (toll-free).

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