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Acadian Redfish: QA/QC Exercise Results

Results of the QA/QC exercises for ageing Acadian Redfish.

Acadian Redfish, Sebastes fasciatus

Left-facing side-view illustration of Acadian redfish, big black eye and spiky fins. NOAA Fisheries text along tail fin. Credit: NOAA Fisheries/Jack Hornady

Christine Kircun (CK) has been working with Acadian Redfish since 2012. Sectioned otoliths are viewed with transmitted light, except for small fish (<20 cm) which are cut in half and viewed with reflected light.

In tests where agreement is below 90%, bias indicates either the P-value of a symmetry test or ‘n/s’ (test not significant at the α = 0.05 level). The Evans & Hoenig test was used to test bias starting 1/2022; prior to that, a Bowker's test was used.


Sample SourceTest TypeDate CompletedAge ReaderNumber AgedNumber TestedCV (%)Agreement (%)Bias
2009 Commercial Samples (Q1-4)Precision5/2024CK365792.5653.8n/s
2007 Commercial Samples (Q1-4)Precision3/2024CK364652.7264.4n/s
2023 Autumn Survey (202304)Precision2/2024CK513751.4086.1n/s
2015 Spring Survey (201502)Precision1/2024CK5341001.2087.0n/s
2016 Spring Survey (201602)Precision10/2023CK5221002.4681.0n/s
2022 Spring Survey (202202)Precision9/2023CK460871.1385.1n/s
2021 Spring Survey (202102)Precision8/2023CK5751001.7376.0n/s
2021 Commercial Samples (Q1-2)Precision4/2023CK119402.3885.0n/s
2022 Autumn Survey (202204)Precision3/2023CK5061001.6482.00.037
2019 Commercial Samples (Q1-Q4)Precision3/2023CK5471001.9262.0n/s
2021 Autumn Survey (202104)Precision10/2022CK8431001.6982.0n/s
2005 Commercial Samples (Q1-4)Precision2/2022CK374703.2355.7n/s
2003 Commercial Samples (Q1-4)Precision11/2021CK270603.4258.3n/s
2017 Spring Survey (201702)Precision8/2021CK472831.7280.7n/s
2016 Commercial Samples (Q1-4)Precision1/2021CK553992.7461.6n/s
2019 Spring Survey (201902)Precision6/2020CK336801.3580.0n/s
2019 Autumn Survey (201904)Precision4/2020CK768771.9274.0n/s
2018 Spring Survey (201802)Precision10/2019CK242431.4879.1n/s
2018 Autumn Survey (201804)Precision6/2019CK5701011.4180.2n/s
2017 Commercial Samples (Q1-4)Precision12/2018CK514983.2649.0n/s
2017 Autumn Survey (201704)Precision6/2018CK321671.8171.6n/s
2016 Autumn Survey (201604)Precision1/2018CK9251002.7070.0n/s
2015 Autumn Survey (201504)Precision10/2017CK984991.4080.8n/s
2014 Autumn Survey (201404)Precision3/2016CK897972.2471.1n/s
2013 Autumn Survey (201304)Precision2/2015CK946982.1474.5n/s
2012 Autumn Survey (201204)Precision8/2014CK11751012.9962.4n/s
2011 Autumn Survey (201105)Precision4/2014CK*827972.3671.1n/s
2010 Autumn Survey (201004)Precision2/2013CL8621003.1675.0n/s
2009 Autumn Survey (200904)Precision7/2012CL10231203.3374.2n/s
2008 Autumn Survey (200807)Precision3/2012CL982982.5873.5n/s
2007 Autumn Survey (200709)Precision7/2008JB7411130.6789.4n/s
2006 Autumn Survey (200610)Precision2/2007JB8531081.1784.3n/s
2005 Autumn Survey (200510)Precision1/2007JB7941061.2384.9n/s
2004 Autumn Survey (200407)Calibration1/2007JB1401.1586.4n/s
2004 Autumn Survey (200407)Precision3/2005JB8671420.9989.4n/s


*CL married to become CK in late 2013.

Last updated by Northeast Fisheries Science Center on June 07, 2024