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Alaska Fisheries Science Center, 2024: AFSC/ABL: Rockfish Habitat Dive Video Transects,

Item Identification

Title: AFSC/ABL: Rockfish Habitat Dive Video Transects
Short Name: AFSC/ABL: Rockfish Habitat Dive Video Transects
Status: Completed

Many species of commercially valuable rockfish (Sebastes spp.) inhabit waters on the outer continental shelf in the Gulf of Alaska typically between depths of 100-300m. The benthic habitat requirements and spatial distribution of these rockfish species is relatively unknown. Information regarding benthic habitat use would improve current stock assessments and provide baseline information for an ecosystem approach to management. Several study areas in the Gulf of Alaska have recently been mapped with high resolution multibeam bathymetry and backscatter to generate detailed benthic habitat maps. Large populations of rockfish have been surveyed and harvested within these mapped areas. The NMFS MESA group conducted two submersible observation surveys in summer 2005 on three of these mapped areas, Albatross Bank, Hazy Islands, and Cape Ommaney. The objectives of these surveys were to collect information on rockfish habitat interactions and generate density estimates by habitat. Forty dive transects were completed on the mapped sites using the Delta two-person occupied submersible. We identified numerous gravid females and observed schooling behavior of several species over particular benthic habitats. Density estimates of rockfish using strip and line of sight methodologies are being determined by substrate and invertebrate habitat classification. We identify habitat types with high densities of rockfish species and describe differences between estimation methods.


This dataset contains all data collected from the videos during rockfish habitat sampling.


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Theme Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword
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Physical Location

Organization: Auke Bay Laboratories
City: Juneau
State/Province: AK
Country: US

Data Set Information

Data Set Scope Code: Data Set
Maintenance Frequency: As Needed
Data Presentation Form: maps and data
Distribution Liability:

The user is responsible for the results of any application of this data for other than its intended purpose.

Support Roles

Data Steward

CC ID: 202413
Date Effective From: 2015-05-27
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Shotwell, Kalei
Email Address:


CC ID: 202412
Date Effective From: 2015-05-27
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Shotwell, Kalei
Email Address:

Metadata Contact

CC ID: 202410
Date Effective From: 2015-05-27
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): MC, Metadata Coordinators
Email Address:


CC ID: 202414
Date Effective From: 2015-05-27
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Shotwell, Kalei
Email Address:

Point of Contact

CC ID: 202411
Date Effective From: 2015-05-27
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Shotwell, Kalei
Email Address:


Currentness Reference: Ground Condition

Extent Group 1

Extent Group 1 / Geographic Area 1

CC ID: 202409
W° Bound: -153.59
E° Bound: -133.48
N° Bound: 56.87
S° Bound: 55.58

Albatross Bank and Cape Ommaney/Hazy Islands

Extent Group 1 / Time Frame 1

CC ID: 202408
Time Frame Type: Range
Start: 2005-06-22
End: 2005-08-01

Access Information

Security Class: Unclassified
Data Access Procedure:


Data Access Constraints:

The data set is still being analyzed and will not be available for distribution until it has been finalized and all QA/QC practices have been performed. Contact the Data Point of Contact for estimated time of release.

Data Use Constraints:

User must read and fully comprehend the metadata prior to use. User must acknowledge the Originator when using the data set as a source. User must share data products developed using the source data set with the Originator. Data should not be used beyond the limits of the source scale.

Distribution Information

Distribution 1

CC ID: 233690
Download URL:

NCEI to be determined

Data Quality

Completeness Report:


Conceptual Consistency:

We have both strip and line of sight counts estimated for the majority of dives. Comparisons between strip counts and line of sight to the strip length will be conducted as quality control. Additionally several data analysts have overlapping dives processed and data was compared between these dives.

Quality Control Procedures Employed:

Contact the dataset POC for full QA/QC methodology

Data Management

Have Resources for Management of these Data Been Identified?: Yes
Approximate Percentage of Budget for these Data Devoted to Data Management: Unknown
Do these Data Comply with the Data Access Directive?: Yes
Is Access to the Data Limited Based on an Approved Waiver?: Yes
If Distributor (Data Hosting Service) is Needed, Please Indicate: yes
Approximate Delay Between Data Collection and Dissemination: unknown
If Delay is Longer than Latency of Automated Processing, Indicate Under What Authority Data Access is Delayed:

no delay

Actual or Planned Long-Term Data Archive Location: To Be Determined
If To Be Determined, Unable to Archive, or No Archiving Intended, Explain:

NCEI site yet to be determined

Approximate Delay Between Data Collection and Archiving: unknown
How Will the Data Be Protected from Accidental or Malicious Modification or Deletion Prior to Receipt by the Archive?:

IT Security and Contingency Plan for the system establishes procedures and applies to the functions, operations, and resources necessary to recover and restore data as hosted in the Western Regional Support Center in Seattle, Washington, following a disruption.


Process Steps

Process Step 1

CC ID: 202417

Contact POC for methodology

Catalog Details

Catalog Item ID: 25151
GUID: gov.noaa.nmfs.inport:25151
Metadata Record Created By: Emily A Fergusson
Metadata Record Created: 2015-05-27 20:26+0000
Metadata Record Last Modified By: SysAdmin InPortAdmin
Metadata Record Last Modified: 2022-08-09 17:11+0000
Metadata Record Published: 2016-05-18
Owner Org: AFSC
Metadata Publication Status: Published Externally
Do Not Publish?: N
Metadata Last Review Date: 2016-05-18
Metadata Review Frequency: 1 Year
Metadata Next Review Date: 2017-05-18