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Short Citation:
Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, 2023: Hawaii Longline Logbook,

Item Identification

Title: Hawaii Longline Logbook
Status: In Work

This data set contains the logbook data of U.S. longline vessels based in Hawaii from 1990 to the present that fish in the central Pacific (120 deg W - 170 deg E and 50 deg N - 20 deg S). Tunas (Thunnus spp.) are the dominant species of the longline catch. Swordfish and blue shark were also

numerous in the longline catch prior to April 2001. In addition, there are approximately 10 to 15 other

Pelagic Management Unit Species (PMUS).

Since April 2001, there have been numerous regulation changes that affect the catch and effort and fishing area of the fleet; the point of contact should be contacted for more information.


The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (WPRFMC) developed the fishery management plan (FMP) to manage the pelagic resources authorized by the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976. This FMP, which regulates the U.S. domestic fisheries for tuna, swordfish, marlin, and other pelagic species within the western Pacific U.S. Exclusive Economic Zones, was first implemented by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS), on March 23, 1987. The Federal longline logbook program was implemented by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) in November 1990. Logbooks are filed by all operators of fishing vessels conducting longline fishing operations on the High Seas and within the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone in American Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, the Northern Mariana Islands, and U.S. possessions in the western Pacific and offloading in U.S. ports.

Supplemental Information:


Division: Fishery Monitoring and Socioeconomic Division

Division Chief: Christofer Boggs

Ownership: PIFSC

Spatial Resolution: Degrees and tenths of minutes

Type of Data Collected: logbook

Collection Methods: Federal longline logbook collection form, electronic log

Recording media: Paper, diskette

Validation and QC Procedures: Available

Storage Location: 1845 Wasp Blvd, Bldg 176, Honolulu, HI 96818

Storage Media: HDD, ORACLE database

Security and Integrity Plans: Available

Backups: Available

Data Distributuion Methods: Encrypted zip file via email, FTP site, or CD

Metadata Standard: FGDC (Federal Geographic Data Committee)


Theme Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword
None FMB
None IFP
None logbook
None longline
None pelagic species
None protected species interaction
None shark
None swordfish
None tuna

Temporal Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword
None Daily

Spatial Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword
None Central Pacific
None Hawaii
None Pacific Ocean

Physical Location

Organization: Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
City: Honolulu
State/Province: HI
Country: USA

Data Set Information

Data Set Scope Code: Data Set
Data Set Type: Database
Maintenance Frequency: As Needed
Data Presentation Form: Table (digital)

Support Roles

Data Steward

CC ID: 832787
Date Effective From: 2019-04-04
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Bigelow, Keith A
Address: 1845 Wasp Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96818
Email Address:
Phone: (808)725-5388
Contact Instructions:

Contact via email


CC ID: 5896
Date Effective From: 2006-07-07
Date Effective To:
Contact (Organization): Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC)
Address: 1845 Wasp Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96818
Email Address:
Phone: 808-725-5360
Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Metadata Contact

CC ID: 832788
Date Effective From: 2019-04-04
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Tomita, Ashley S
Address: 1845 Wasp Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96818
Email Address:
Phone: (808)725-5693
Contact Instructions:

Contact via email

Point of Contact

CC ID: 832789
Date Effective From: 2019-04-04
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Tomita, Ashley S
Address: 1845 Wasp Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96818
Email Address:
Phone: (808)725-5693
Contact Instructions:

Contact via email

View Historical Support Roles


Currentness Reference: Ground Condition

Extent Group 1

Extent Group 1 / Geographic Area 1

CC ID: 5893
W° Bound: 170
E° Bound: -120
N° Bound: 50
S° Bound: -20

Central Pacific Ocean, Baker Island, Howland Island, Johnston Atoll, Line Island, Main Hawaiian Islands, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

Extent Group 1 / Time Frame 1

CC ID: 5894
Time Frame Type: Continuing
Start: 1990-11-18

Access Information

Security Class: Sensitive
Data Access Procedure:

Send written request to PIFSC and get approval by PIFSC data owner.

Data Access Constraints:

NMFS personnel need a signed non-disclosure agreement statement and a "need to know" to access the detailed data. There are not constraints on access to summarized non-confidential data.

Data Quality

Quality Control Procedures Employed:

QC review prior to data entry. Some automated QC during data entry. Data validation program is run on data in the database, and necessary corrections are made to the database.

Data Management

Have Resources for Management of these Data Been Identified?: Yes
Approximate Percentage of Budget for these Data Devoted to Data Management: Unknown
Do these Data Comply with the Data Access Directive?: No
Is Access to the Data Limited Based on an Approved Waiver?: Yes
Approximate Delay Between Data Collection and Dissemination: 1 year
Actual or Planned Long-Term Data Archive Location: To Be Determined
If To Be Determined, Unable to Archive, or No Archiving Intended, Explain:

NCEI-MD does not accept sensitive data at this time

Approximate Delay Between Data Collection and Archiving: Unknown
How Will the Data Be Protected from Accidental or Malicious Modification or Deletion Prior to Receipt by the Archive?:

PIFSC ITS performs scheduled back-ups.


Lineage Statement:

Data was recorded at sea by permitted fishermen on Federal logbooks, and data entry was conducted at PIFSC to create ASCII fixed record length flat files. The flat files were loaded into a database, and the LLPS data validation program was run on the data. Clean data was extracted from the database and then loaded into an Oracle database (header and detail tables) for authorized access.

Related Items

Item Type Relationship Type Title
Data Set (DS) Cross Reference UFA Auction Sampling Data

Catalog Details

Catalog Item ID: 2721
GUID: gov.noaa.nmfs.inport:2721
Metadata Record Created By: Brent M Miyamoto
Metadata Record Created: 2006-08-31 15:48+0000
Metadata Record Last Modified By: SysAdmin InPortAdmin
Metadata Record Last Modified: 2022-10-20 02:17+0000
Metadata Record Published: 2019-07-25
Owner Org: PIFSC
Metadata Publication Status: Published Externally
Do Not Publish?: N
Metadata Last Review Date: 2019-07-25
Metadata Review Frequency: 1 Year
Metadata Next Review Date: 2020-07-25