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Office for Coastal Management, 2023: C-CAP Land Cover, United States Virgin Islands, St John, 2007,

Item Identification

Title: C-CAP Land Cover, United States Virgin Islands, St John, 2007
Short Name: 2007_era_USVI_stjohn_lc
Status: Completed
Publication Date: 2010-05-24

This data set consists of land cover derived from high resolution imagery and was analyzed according to the Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP) protocol to determine land cover. This data set utilized 14

three-band ADS40 scenes. These full scenes were not sufficient to replace cloud obscured areas within the base imagery. Additional imagery was used for classifying obsucred areas. All scenes were processed to detect C-CAP land cover features on St John, U.S. Virgin Islands.


To create a baseline inventory of land cover features which can be utilized by state and local resource managers.




Theme Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword
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ISO 19115 Topic Category
None Land Cover
None Land Cover Analysis
None Remotely Sensed Imagery/Photos

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None Coastal Zone
None St John

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Physical Location

Organization: Office for Coastal Management
City: Charleston
State/Province: SC

Data Set Information

Data Set Scope Code: Data Set
Maintenance Note:

5 years

Data Presentation Form: Image (digital)
Distribution Liability:

Users must assume responsibility to determine the usability of these data.

Support Roles

Data Steward

CC ID: 628070
Date Effective From: 2010-05-24
Date Effective To:
Contact (Organization): NOAA Office for Coastal Management (NOAA/OCM)
Address: 2234 South Hobson Ave
Charleston, SC 29405-2413
Email Address:
Phone: (843) 740-1202


CC ID: 628072
Date Effective From: 2010-05-24
Date Effective To:
Contact (Organization): NOAA Office for Coastal Management (NOAA/OCM)
Address: 2234 South Hobson Ave
Charleston, SC 29405-2413
Email Address:
Phone: (843) 740-1202

Metadata Contact

CC ID: 628073
Date Effective From: 2010-05-24
Date Effective To:
Contact (Organization): NOAA Office for Coastal Management (NOAA/OCM)
Address: 2234 South Hobson Ave
Charleston, SC 29405-2413
Email Address:
Phone: (843) 740-1202

Point of Contact

CC ID: 628071
Date Effective From: 2010-05-24
Date Effective To:
Contact (Organization): NOAA Office for Coastal Management (NOAA/OCM)
Address: 2234 South Hobson Ave
Charleston, SC 29405-2413
Email Address:
Phone: (843) 740-1202


Currentness Reference: Acquisition date of the Quickbird Scene

Extent Group 1

Extent Group 1 / Geographic Area 1

CC ID: 628076
W° Bound: -64.813587
E° Bound: -64.644711
N° Bound: 18.375487
S° Bound: 18.296723

Extent Group 1 / Time Frame 1

CC ID: 628075
Time Frame Type: Discrete
Start: 2007-03-11

Spatial Information

Spatial Representation

Representations Used

Grid: Yes

Grid Representation 1

CC ID: 628061
Dimension Count: 3
Cell Geometry: Point
Transformation Parameters Available?: No

Axis Dimension 1

Dimension Type: Row
Size: 3704

Axis Dimension 2

Dimension Type: Column
Size: 7404

Axis Dimension 3

Dimension Type: Vertical
Size: 1

Access Information

Security Class: Unclassified
Data Access Constraints:


Data Use Constraints:

Data set is not for use in litigation. While efforts have been made to ensure that these data are accurate and reliable within the state of the art, NOAA, cannot assume liability for any damages, or misrepresentations, caused by any inaccuracies in the data, or as a result of the data to be used on a particular system. NOAA makes no warranty, expressed or implied, nor does the fact of distribution constitute such a warranty.

Distribution Information

Distribution 1

CC ID: 744321
Download URL:
File Name: Customized Download

Create custom data files by choosing area, map projection, file format, etc.



CC ID: 744323
URL Type:
Online Resource


CC ID: 744324
URL Type:
Online Resource

Activity Log

Activity Log 1

CC ID: 628091
Activity Date/Time: 2016-05-23

Date that the source FGDC record was last modified.

Activity Log 2

CC ID: 628090
Activity Date/Time: 2017-11-14

Converted from FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata (version FGDC-STD-001-1998) using '' script. Contact Tyler Christensen (NOS) for details.

Activity Log 3

CC ID: 717144
Activity Date/Time: 2018-02-08

Partial upload of Positional Accuracy fields only.

Activity Log 4

CC ID: 744322
Activity Date/Time: 2018-03-13

Partial upload to move data access links to Distribution Info.

Technical Environment


Microsoft Windows XP Version 5.1 (Build 2600) Service Pack 3; ESRI ArcCatalog 9.3 Service Pack 1

Data Quality


No report is currently available.

Horizontal Positional Accuracy:

12 meters CE90

Vertical Positional Accuracy:

There was no terrain correction in the geo-referencing procedure.

Completeness Report:

Data does not exist for all classes.

There are no pixels representing classes 11 (Mixed Forest), 22 (Palustrine Aquatic Bed), 23 (Estuarine Aquatic Bed), 24 (Tundra), 25 (Perennial Ice/Snow), 26 (Dwarf Scrub - Alaska specific class), 27 (Sedge/Herbaceous), and 28 (Moss - Alaska specific). Developed classes have been altered to exclude the percentage breakdown of impervious surfaces as the breakdown is not appropriate for high resolution mapping (Developed High Intensity (2), Developed Medium Intensity (3), and Developed Low Intensity (4) are reduced to Impervious (Class 2).

Conceptual Consistency:

Tests for logical consistency indicate that all row and column positions in the selected latitude/longitude window contain data. Conversion and integration with vector files indicates that all positions are consistent with earth coordinates covering the same area. Attribute files are logically consistent.



C-CAP Land Cover, St John, United States Virgin Islands, 2007

CC ID: 628057
Contact Name: Sanborn.
Publish Date: 2010-05-24
Extent Type: Discrete
Extent Start Date/Time: 2007-03-11
Source Contribution:

NOAA OCM | Source Geospatial Form: remote-sensing image | Type of Source Media: DVD/CD-ROM

Process Steps

Process Step 1

CC ID: 628058

This dataset was created by Sanborn (

This version of the classification is the High Resolution Land Cover (2007-era) for the Island of St John, United States Virgin Islands.

This section outlines the classification procedure for St John, United States Virgin Islands High Resolution C-CAP. ADS40 imagery and the 2005-era C-CAP classification were used in producing this land cover product. The mapping approach utilized a boundary summary and refinement procedure developed by Sanborn to leverage the 2005-era classification. A calibration visit was conducted and training data was collected for classification. Non impervious features were mapped using a 0.5 acre minimum mapping unit (MMU).

Pre-processing steps:

The ADS40 was provided to Sanborn as a geo-referenced product. Sanborn perfomed a quality control on the imagery to check for pixel dropouts and other image issues. Individual image tiles were

combined to create a single mosaic for the entire island. In conjunction with the ADS40 mosaic, Sanborn used IKONOS collected in 2005 and LiDAR collected in 2007 for the island.

Field-Collected Data:

Training data was collected in the field between May 31th and June 5th, 2009. Land cover observations were recorded by analysts. The referenced dataset went through a QA/QC procedure to ensure it met accuracy standards.


Segmentation - Image segmentation was completed at multiple scales using the multispectral (2.4 m) imagery in order to group like spectral and textural objects within the imagery. For consistency, the associated impervious data set was incorporated into the segmentation layer as a boundary delimiter. Segments can share boundaries of an impervious surface,

but can never overlap an impervious surface.

Automated Classification - Logical rulesets and thresholding based on the spectral properties of the imagery, and ancillary data, and the early date classification were used to generate a mask of potential change. The change

mask was incorporated into the early date classification to create the 2007 classification.

Automated Classification Refinement - Models are built to refine or reclassify land cover areas by utilizing the wealth of attribute information linked to each segment within Definiens.

Classification Edits - As with any automated or semi-automated land cover classification there are often inconsistencies in the land cover map. The final step before map finalization was to remove inaccuracies through manual segment labeling as interpreted by an analyst.

Map Finalization - Sanborn used independent reviewer's comments to further refine the land cover map.

Attributes for this product are as follows:

0 Background

1 Unclassified

2 Impervious



5 Developed, Open Space

6 Cultivated Crops

7 Pasture/Hay

8 Grassland/Herbaceous

9 Deciduous Forest

10 Evergreen Forest

11 Mixed Forest

12 Scrub/Shrub

13 Palustrine Forested Wetland

14 Palustrine Scrub/Shrub Wetland

15 Palustrine Emergent Wetland

16 Estuarine Forested Wetland

17 Estuarine Scrub/Shrub Wetland

18 Estuarine Emergent Wetland

19 Unconsolidated Shore

20 Bare Land

21 Open Water

22 Palustrine Aquatic Bed

23 Estuarine Aquatic Bed

24 Tundra

25 Snow/Ice

Process Date/Time: 2010-05-24 00:00:00

Process Step 2

CC ID: 628059

Metadata imported

Process Date/Time: 2010-05-24 00:00:00

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