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Organization Information

Name: Southwest Fisheries Science Center
Acronym: SWFSC
Type: Fisheries Science Center
Library: SWFSC Metadata Library

The Southwest Fisheries Science Center is the research arm of NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service in the Southwest Region. Center scientists conduct bilogical, economic and oceanographic research on marine resources throughout the Pacific Ocean and in the Southern Ocean off Antarctica to ensure that these populations remain healthy and at sustainable levels.

The five research divisions in the Center generate the scientific information necessary for the conservation and management of the region?s fish, marine mammals and turtles, seabirds, and invertebrates. Research is also conducted on the impacts of environmental variability and climate change on marine ecosystems, and on fishery and conservation socio-economics.

(The SWFSC data was on Socrata has been moved to the new hosting platform Google Cloud NOAA Big Data Platform at;tab=objects?project=noaa-gcs-public-data)