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The following list represents the features and enhancements that have been planned for development in the coming year by the InPort Steering group, based on feedback from the InPort community and stakeholders, as well as requirements stemming from NOAA policies and directives.

Prioritization, scheduling, and requirements often change in the course of time, and as such this roadmap does not constitute a guarantee or commitment on when these features will be released. The list represents the Steering group's plans based on current status and projections, and is subject to change.

The InPort Steering group welcomes feedback from the InPort community on the prioritization and scheduling of features.

Note: This list is alphabetical. The order of features does not indicate their relative priority, or the sequence they will be implemented.

  • Access/Search Metrics
  • Catalog Item User Interface Display Improvements
  • Contextual Help System Improvements
  • Controlled Keyword Thesaurus Support
    • ITIS
  • Metadata Review/Update Enhancements