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From: InPort Admin
To: All Users

InPort Release 5.2.1 Downtime: Tuesday, August 9 @ 1:00pm - 2:30pm Eastern.

InPort and its associated services will be under maintenance and unavailable for the deployment of InPort Release 5.2.1.

Downtime Schedule

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

1:00pm - 2:30pm Eastern / 10:00am - 11:30pm Pacific / 7:00am - 8:30am Hawaii

Impacted Areas

- InPort Website:

- InPort WAF:

What's New in InPort 5.2.1

The InPort XML Loader can now replace an existing Catalog Item with a new XML file. This feature is primarily intended for users who manage their metadata outside of InPort. More details on this new feature are available below.

Support for the two new fields added in the previous release, Last Metadata Review Date and Metadata Review Frequency, has been expanded to other InPort features. See more details below.

For the complete list of changes, please see the release notes.

Catalog Item Replacement

Previously, the InPort XML Loader only supported the ability to update a Catalog Item by delineating the specific sections and fields that needed to be updated in the existing record.

With this release, we have included support for complete replacement of an existing Catalog Item. "Complete replacement" means that any existing information will be deleted and replaced entirely with the contents of the InPort XML file -- with the exception of the Catalog Item ID, which will be preserved, along with the Catalog Item History logs of previous changes.

This feature is primarily intended for users who manage their metadata in another system, but need to provide and update their metadata on InPort. It should not be used by users who update their records in the InPort metadata editor, as those updates would be lost if not included in the new InPort XML file.

Expanded Feature Support for Metadata Last Review Date and Metadata Review Frequency

1. Changing Workflow Status

When changing the workflow status of a Catalog Item to Approved status, these fields are also provided for convenience.

When approving a new Catalog Item for publication, the Metadata Last Review Date should generally be set to the date that the Catalog Item has been approved.

This field should also be updated if an existing Catalog Item is reviewed and approved as part of your metadata maintenance process.

2. XML Support

These fields are now included in the InPort XML export for metadata records.

They are also now supported in the InPort XML Loader. After the release is live, please consult the InPort XML Loader documentation for examples and usage information.

InPort 5.2.1 Release Notes

* IP-3051, IP-3354 - Added support for Catalog Item Replace via load.

* IP-3216 - Improved performance of XML handling in DB.

* IP-3323 - Improved XML Loader processing for GCMD Instrument and Platform keywords.

* IP-3333 - Added Metadata Review fields to Change Workflow Status feature.

* IP-3334, IP-3335 - Added Metadata Review fields to InPort XML and other XML exports.

* IP-3336 - Added XML Loader support for new Metadata Review fields.

* IP-3337 - Populated a default Metadata Last Review Date on all published records.

* IP-3339 - Added Metadata Review fields to Bulk Change Workflow Status feature.

* IP-3358 - Added WoRMS to Components Help page.

* IP-3359 - Changed EPSG code to be an optional field for Vertical Extents for the XML Loader.

* IP-3360 - Fixed an issue in the XML Loader where some valid Publication ISSN values were disallowed.

* IP-3361 - Fixed an issue in the XML export where Catalog Item Type was missing for Procedures.

* IP-3370 - Implemented numerous changes to more consistently handle workflow state when using the XML Loader.