The Bulk Change Workflow Status feature allows users to change the Workflow State of a Catalog Item and all of its descendants in a single operation. In addition, the Workflow Status can be changed directly to any valid Workflow State, regardless of each Catalog Item's current Workflow State.

This feature is not intended for everyday, normal management of a Catalog Item's review and publication workflow, but is provided as an administrative convenience feature in exceptional circumstances.

As such, the feature is restricted to InPort Users who have a Librarian or higher role on the root Catalog Item the bulk change is being performed on.

Performing a Bulk Workflow Status Change

To use this feature, navigate to the main page of the Catalog Item where the Bulk Change will be performed. Provided you have the appropriate User Role, the option Bulk Change Workflow Status will be available under the Item submenu.

Note that a Bulk Change can be performed on a Catalog Item of any Type, except for Library Items.

On the Bulk Change Workflow Status page, the desired New Workflow Status can be selected from the dropdown.

The state of the Catalog Item determines what Workflow States options are available in the dropdown. For example, if the Catalog Item's parent is not currently published, the Catalog Item and its descendants cannot be published. In addition, if the Catalog Item has the Do Not Publish flag set, it cannot be published.

The Notes field allows a description or related information to be stored in the Workflow Status History Log, for each Catalog Item whose Workflow State is modified in this operation. A default message is pre-populated in the Notes field, however it is recommended for users to include an appropriate message to document the purpose of performing this operation.

After providing the appropriate information, click Preview Changes to continue.

Previewing Changes

The next page will display the current Workflow Status of the Catalog Item and all its descendants, as well as the Workflow Status change that will result if the operation is performed.

In some situations, a Workflow State may not be changed for a particular Catalog Item. For example, if a specific Catalog Item has the Do Not Publish flag set, it cannot be published internally or externally. Or, if the parent of a Catalog Item is not published, the Catalog Item cannot be published either. If the Workflow State change for a particular Catalog Item is not possible, the Preview page will indicate this as well as the reason.

Once you have reviewed all changes, click Confirm Changes to proceed with the operation. This operation cannot be undone, therefore users should carefully review all anticipated changes on this page before continuing.

Confirming Changes

Once a user has confirmed changes, the Bulk Workflow Status Change operation will be performed on all affected Catalog Items. The confirmation page will display the final Workflow State of the Catalog Item and all its descendants.