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Alaska Regional Office, 2024: Amendment 80 Permit Program,

Item Identification

Title: Amendment 80 Permit Program
Short Name: Amendment 80 Program
Status: In Work
Publication Date: 2008

The Amendment 80 Program was adopted by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) in June 2006. The final rule implementing Amendment 80 published in the Federal Register on September 14, 2007. This action allocates several Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI) non-pollock trawl groundfish species among trawl fishery sectors, and facilitate the formation of harvesting cooperatives in the non-American Fisheries Act (non-AFA) trawl catcher/processor sector. The Council adopted Amendment 80 to meet the broad goals of: (1) improving retention and utilization of fishery resources by the non-AFA trawl catcher/processor fleet by extending the groundfish retention standard (GRS) to non-AFA trawl catcher/processor vessels of all lengths; (2) allocating fishery resources among BSAI trawl harvesters in consideration of historic and present harvest patterns and future harvest needs; (3) authorizing the allocation of groundfish species to harvesting cooperatives and establishing a limited access privilege program (LAPP) for the non-AFA trawl catcher/processors to reduce potential GRS compliance costs, encourage fishing practices with lower discard rates, and improve the opportunity for increasing the value of harvested species; and (4) limiting the ability of non-AFA trawl catcher/processors to expand their harvesting capacity into other fisheries not managed under a LAPP. The groundfish species in the BSAI directly affected by Amendment 80 include: - Atka mackerel - Aleutian Islands Pacific ocean perch - Flathead sole - Pacific cod - Rock sole - Yellowfin sole In addition, Amendment 80 would modify the management of halibut and crab prohibited species catch (PSC) limits.


Manage and issue permits for vessels applying for fisheries Amendment 80 (A80) participation.


Theme Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword
None Commercial fishing permit
None fishery-dependent data
None Groundfish
None Permits (NMFS Information Category 5.5); Amendment 80; A80; groundfish
None Trawl

Spatial Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword
None Alaska; Bering Sea Aleutian Islands; BSAI; Gulf of Alaska; GOA

Physical Location

Organization: Alaska Regional Office
City: Juneau
State/Province: AK
Country: USA

Data Set Information

Data Set Scope Code: Data Set
Data Set Type: CSV Files
Maintenance Frequency: Daily
Data Presentation Form: Document (digital)
Entity Attribute Overview:

Lists of all Amendment 80 Program Quota Share Holders

Lists of all Amendment 80 Program Cooperatives and Cooperative members

Entity Attribute Detail URL:
Distribution Liability:


Support Roles

Data Steward

CC ID: 223531
Date Effective From: 2012
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Buck, Tracy
Address: 709 W. 9th St, P.O. Box 21668
Juneau, AK 99802-1668
Email Address:
Phone: 907-586-7889
Fax: 907-586-7354


CC ID: 223533
Date Effective From: 1993
Date Effective To:
Contact (Organization): Alaska Regional Office (AKRO)
Address: 709 W. 9th St, P.O. Box 21668
Juneau, AK 99802-1668
Phone: (907)586-7202
Business Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Mon-Fri.

Metadata Contact

CC ID: 223532
Date Effective From: 2012
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Buck, Tracy
Address: 709 W. 9th St, P.O. Box 21668
Juneau, AK 99802-1668
Email Address:
Phone: 907-586-7889
Fax: 907-586-7354

Point of Contact

CC ID: 223530
Date Effective From: 2012
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Buck, Tracy
Address: 709 W. 9th St, P.O. Box 21668
Juneau, AK 99802-1668
Email Address:
Phone: 907-586-7889
Fax: 907-586-7354


Currentness Reference: Publication Date

Extent Group 1

Extent Group 1 / Geographic Area 1

CC ID: 207306

Bering Sea

Extent Group 1 / Time Frame 1

CC ID: 207307
Time Frame Type: Continuing
Start: 2007

Access Information

Security Class: Sensitive
Security Classification System:

NMFS- Fisheries Information Management Committee (FIMC) Standard

Security Handling Description:

Contains BII and PII.

Data Access Policy:

Access to sensitive data shall only be granted to an individual that meets certain criteria. Access may be granted to the data submitter. Access can only be granted to a non-submitter if a signed and effective Confidentiality Agreement, Data Access Sharing Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, Standard Statement of Nondisclosure, or similar agreement is in place. These signed agreements shall indicate that individuals have reviewed and understand the provisions in the manual governing the legal use of sensitive data. The signed agreements are maintained by the Alaska Regional Records office. The name of each individual that has signed a statement of nondisclosure for using sensitive data will be added to the Alaska Region list of authorized confidential data users.

Data may be released if aggregated in accordance with AKRO and/or MSA confidentiality protocols. Data may be released if confidential BII or PII information are re-dacted.

Data Access Procedure:

Contact Data Steward.

Data Access Constraints:

Data are sensitive under the Privacy Act, FOIA and Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Reauthorization Act (2007) and can only be shared with authorized persons or in summary format for public dissemination.

Distribution Information

Distribution 1

CC ID: 223520
Download URL:



CC ID: 207304
URL Type:
Online Resource

Alaska Region website containing A80 Program Information


CC ID: 207305
URL Type:
Online Resource
File Resource Format: pdf. csv

A80 Program quota share and cooperative permit holders by year.

Data Quality

Quality Control Procedures Employed:

Submitted data is reviewed by NMFS staff prior to data entry. Source data are validated against business rules when loaded into NMFS' Oracle database. Data input is reviewed against output on a routine basis to ensure quality.

Data Management

Have Resources for Management of these Data Been Identified?: No
Approximate Percentage of Budget for these Data Devoted to Data Management: Unknown/Cost Recovery Funds
Do these Data Comply with the Data Access Directive?: No
Is Access to the Data Limited Based on an Approved Waiver?: No
If Distributor (Data Hosting Service) is Needed, Please Indicate: unknown
Approximate Delay Between Data Collection and Dissemination: unknown
If Delay is Longer than Latency of Automated Processing, Indicate Under What Authority Data Access is Delayed:

Data may need to be aggregated for confidentiality before dissemination. If data does not need to be aggregated dissemination may be made daily.

Actual or Planned Long-Term Data Archive Location: Other
If World Data Center or Other, Specify: National Archives and Records Administration
Approximate Delay Between Data Collection and Archiving: 35 days
How Will the Data Be Protected from Accidental or Malicious Modification or Deletion Prior to Receipt by the Archive?:

IT Security and Contingency Plan for the system establishes procedures and applies to the functions, operations, and resources necessary to recover and restore data as hosted in the Alaska Region in Juneau, Alaska, following a disruption.


Lineage Statement:

Information is collected from participants on paper applications or through on-line data submissions (i.e. inter-cooperative transfers) in NMFS/AKR eFISH on-line services.

Information submitted on paper forms is entered/updated through NMFS/AKR Alaska Data Entry and Retrieval System (ALDERS) by permitting staff. Data entered into ALDERS is stored in appropriate database tables for use in generating permits, reports, views, etc.

Child Items

Rubric scores updated every 15m

Rubric Score Type Title
Entity Table: A80_QS_PERMIT_UNITS

Catalog Details

Catalog Item ID: 10584
GUID: gov.noaa.nmfs.inport:10584
Metadata Record Created By: Jennifer Mondragon
Metadata Record Created: 2010-10-15 17:04+0000
Metadata Record Last Modified By: Jennifer Mondragon
Metadata Record Last Modified: 2023-02-16 19:07+0000
Metadata Record Published: 2015-12-14
Owner Org: AKRO
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Metadata Next Review Date: 2016-12-14