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Title: Observer Restructure (ODDS)
Short Name: Observer Restructure
Status: In Work

For 2013 observer coverage of catcher vessels that do not fall into the 100% observed requirements are fishing operations that are in the partial-coverage? category:

(1) CVs designated on an Federal Fisheries Permit (FFP) when directed fishing for groundfish in federally

managed or parallel fisheries (defined as fisheries concurrently open for both state and Federal waters

where catch comes off the federal catch limit), that do not fall under the full coverage category, (2) CVs

fishing for halibut or sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) individual fishing quota (IFQ) or community

development quota (CDQ), (3) shoreside or stationary floating processors not in the full coverage category, and (4) CPs meeting the previously described full coverage exemption. Within the partial coverage category, there are two deployment strata defined- the (1) trip-selection? stratum and the (2) vessel-selection stratum


The definitions for the vessel and trip stratum were determined through an analysis conducted on 2007

and 2008 landings data using recursive binary partitioning ? a technique that repetitively splits groups of

the variable in question (here landed weight) by variations in a suite of potential cofactors in order to

maximize their differences (NPFMC and NOAA 2011). Thus the division of these strata based on a vessel

size of 57.5 feet in length overall was due to the fact that there were many vessels of length 58 feet and

many vessels of length 57 feet (thus the difference between them was determined to be 57.5). Since the

dynamics of vessel size in the fleet is likely to change, and alternative ways to group fishing events also

likely to change, the definitions for the trip and vessel strata used here are limited to the 2013 calendar

year only.

Supplemental Information:

While stock-assessment scientists and in-season managers represent the primary clients of

observer data, there are other reasons to deploy observers. Regulations specify full observer coverage for

AFA pollock deliveries to monitor salmon bycatch in the Bering Sea. Salmon bycatch in the AFA pollock

fishery is enumerated and systematically sampled for genetic tissues following a protocol developed by

Pella and Geiger (2009), and there is similar interest in using observers to perform these same tasks in the

GOA. While NMFS and industry have worked cooperatively since the start of 2012, new regulations that

became effective late in 2012 now require industry to set aside salmon caught as bycatch within the GOA

pollock fishery at processing facilities so that the salmon can be tallied and recorded by observers (NOAA

2012b). In order to provide complete monitoring of all pollock offloads, for 2013, observers will be

deployed under this ADP to shoreside and floating processors to enumerate and genetically sample

salmon bycatch in GOA pollock deliveries since funds to pay for observers are limited. The NMFS and

their contracted observer provider will coordinate with the plants to realize this observer coverage. This

dockside sampling approach continues to be dependent on the industry retaining salmon and making them

available for observer sampling. The ability of NMFS collect an unbiased genetic sample of salmon is

dependent on the assumption of full retention of salmon and this will be evaluated.


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Organization: Alaska Fisheries Science Center
City: Seattle
State/Province: WA
Country: USA



CC ID: 155223

2013 Restructure Summary


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Draft 2015 Annual Deployment Plan


ODDS Observer Declare and Deploy

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