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Title: Alternative catch monitoring of Alaskan groundfish (NPRB 1017).
Short Name: Alternative catch monitoring of Alaskan groundfish.
Status: Completed

These data arise from a field study of groundfish catch monitoring in Kodiak, AK trawl fisheries. Two monitoring components were included in the study: 1) at-sea sampling methods used by observers to sample species composition of catch and 2) shore-side sampling of delivered catch by observers to validate landings species composition reports. The at-sea portion of the study consisted of a side-by-side comparison (two observers) of a proposed new sampling method and the standard sampling method. Observer data were recorded at-sea on paper and transferred to an Oracle database. The shoreside component of this study consisted of observer species composition sampling in plants for later comparison with landings data. The shore-side data were collected by observers in processing plants, recorded on paper and transferred to an Oracle database. Data collection started in April 2011 and continued through August 2011. Third party landings data (NOAA Fisheries, Alaska Regional Office, Sustainable Fisheries Division) that were used in the analysis are stored in an oracle database. Data for both project components (at-sea and shoreside) were collected during normal fishing activities onboard commercial trawl catcher vessels and during normal processing activities in shore-based processing plants.


NPRB Research Project: This project investigated whether proposed changes to how observer data are collected on catcher vessels that deliver to shoreside processors result in greater accuracy and precision of catch estimates. The first component of the project compared standard and alternative methods of sampling catch that will be discarded at-sea (bycatch component), while the second component examined the effectiveness of using observer data to verify the accuracy of species identification on industry reports of retained catch (retained catch component).

Specifically, the objectives of this project were to test (1) whether alternative at-sea sampling methods are (a) feasible aboard small catcher vessels in Alaska, and (b) result in lower variance in estimates of discard relative to current methods, and (2) test whether the accuracy of retained catch information can be improved through monitoring and verification of species identification by observers.

Other Citation Details:

Faunce, C. H., J. A. Cahalan, J. Bonney, R. Swanson. 2013. Alternative catch monitoring of Alaskan groundfish. North Pacific Reseach Board Final Report Project 1017.


Theme Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword
None Alaska groundfish fisheries
None at-sea discards
None bycatch
None catch estimation
None fisheries monitoring
None Gulf of Alaska
None Kodiak AK
None sampling
None shoreside processing
None species identification

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None 2011

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Thesaurus Keyword
None Gulf of Alaska, Alaska
None Kodiak, Alaska

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Organization: Alaska Fisheries Science Center
City: Seattle
State/Province: WA
Country: USA
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Fisheries Monitoring and Analysis Division

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Project Type: Project
Is Mandated?: Yes
Mandated By: North Pacific Research Board
Collection Type: Observer
Collection Authority: Other
Collection Method: Electronic and Paper

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206 526 4053


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Date Effective From: 2011-01
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Contact (Person): Faunce, Craig
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206 526 4188


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CC ID: 154625
W° Bound: -120
E° Bound: 180
N° Bound: 60
S° Bound: 42

GOA Gulf of Alaska

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CC ID: 154626
Time Frame Type: Discrete
Start: 2013-06

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Security Class: Confidential
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Aggredated data may be provided with proper confidentiality doncuments to other researchers

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These are confidential data and may not be made available in unaggregated form without proper confidentiality documents on file with FMA Division.


NPRB North Pacific Research Board

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