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Title: Value Stream Map for AFSC/FMA Observer Gear
Short Name: Value Stream Map for AFSC/FMA Observer Gear
Status: In Work

1. Project Description

1.1. Background

The Fisheries Monitoring and Analysis Division (FMA) is located in the Alaska Fisheries Science Center in Seattle Washington. The primary objective of the FMA Division is to collect high quality fisheries dependent data which are used to manage the groundfish stocks in the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands and Gulf of Alaska. Observers that are deployed into the field to collect fishery dependent data must carry with them certain types of sampling and safety gear. This observer gear is important in the collection of fishery dependent data. Due to the large number of observers that we deploy and the amount of gear that needs to be purchased, tracked and shipped, our staff spend a large amount of time performing these duties. It is vital that the correct amount of observer gear is in place at our different field offices so that observers are well equipped to perform their duties. Improving the processes that are used to purchase, ship and track observer gear is vital to the collection of high quality fisheries dependent data. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) has been used by our office and other NMFS offices, such as the Northeast Regional Office, to map and identify processes that could be improved resulting in an increase in data quality. VSM has helped these offices improve certain processes and has allowed them to improve data quality and the timeliness of data.

1.2. History

This is a new project proposal that currently has no history. The primary objective is to complete the entire project in the 2015 calendar year. At the end of the project, a report will be provided detailing the project outcomes with specific deliverables.

1.3. Overview

In this project a value stream mapping (VSM) workshop will be held in Seattle. We intend to bring in a consultant from American Society for Quality to help facilitate the workshop. In the VSM workshop each specific process used to purchase, track and ship observer gear will be documented. Strengths and weaknesses of each process will be identified and evaluated. Steps to improve processes will be identified and employed to improve the processes of purchasing, tracking and shipping observer gear. This will lead to efficiencies in these processes which will enable us to make sure that observers have the necessary and correct amount of gear to collect high quality fisheries dependent data.

1.4. Objectives

The specific objective is to improve the data quality of observer data by ensuring that observers have the correct gear and the correct amount of gear to collect high quality fishery dependent data. The FMA Division collects over 45,000 sea days of observer data that is used to manage fisheries in the North Pacific. Inefficient processes in the purchasing, tracking and shipping of observer gear can lead to observers not having the tools necessary to collect high quality fisheries dependent data. Issues in data quality have a direct impact on the management of North Pacific fisheries stocks. This project relates directly to the vision of FIS to provide customers with comprehensive, high-quality, timely and easily accessible information. The objective of this project is to specifically address issues of data quality that customers are receiving. Information on project results will be provided directly FIS. Since all NMFS regions employ some type of observer program, the results from this VSM workshop can be shared with them and in turn they can use the results to identify inefficiencies in their purchasing, tracking and shipping of observer gear.


This project was in response to the Quality Management and Improvement RFP


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Organization: Alaska Fisheries Science Center
City: Seattle
State/Province: WA
Country: USA
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7600 Sand Point Way NE, Building 4

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