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Short Citation:
Alaska Fisheries Science Center, 2024: AFSC/FMA/ATLAS Remote Client,

Item Identification

Title: AFSC/FMA/ATLAS Remote Client
Status: In Work

Data is collected by observers on deck sheets and either entered onto local databases and transmitted electronically or faxed to the AFSC for data entry.

The FMA database consists of various data collected by fishery biologists while deployed on board commercial fishing vessels or at shoreside processing plants participating in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska groundfish fisheries. Data collection activities began in 1973 and they continue to date. While deployed at their assignments, observers collect data on the catch size, fishing locations, catch composition, length frequencies, age structures, marine mammal interactions, and a variety of research projects.


Enable the electronic entry, archival, and transmission of Observer data for at sea fishing operations, and shore based processing plants.

Supplemental Information:

All of these data are collected cooperatively from private commercial fishing interests and are protected from general release by confidentiality statutes. This protects the private business interests of industry while still providing NOAA Fisheries with the detailed information necessary to effectively manage the ecosystem. The staff authorized to use these data include NOAA Fisheries' scientists and managers participating in a broad range of activities including:

stock assessments,

marine mammal interactions,

food habits,

fish age analyses,

economic analyses,

fishery management plan development,

in-season fishery management.

The data are also shared with other authorized users in the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) and North Pacific Fishery Management Council staff with similar responsibilities.


Theme Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword

Physical Location

Organization: Fisheries Monitoring and Analysis
State/Province: WA
Country: USA
Location Description:

Client is installed on fishing vessels in the North Pacific.

Data Set Information

Data Set Scope Code: Data Set
Data Set Type: Database
Maintenance Frequency: Irregular
Data Presentation Form: Table (digital)
Entity Attribute Detail Citation:

Julie Blair

Entity Attribute Detail URL:
Data Set Credit: FMA Division

Support Roles

Data Steward

CC ID: 232970
Date Effective From: 2008
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Narita, Renold E
Email Address:
Contact Instructions:



CC ID: 232965
Date Effective From: 2009
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Narita, Renold E
Email Address:
Contact Instructions:

These data are collected by field observers and transmitted via email attachment to the AFSC. Distribution at this level has very little meaning

Metadata Contact

CC ID: 232966
Date Effective From: 2008
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Narita, Renold E
Email Address:
Contact Instructions:



CC ID: 232968
Date Effective From: 2009
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Campbell, Glenn
Email Address:
Contact Instructions:


Point of Contact

CC ID: 232969
Date Effective From: 2008
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Campbell, Glenn
Email Address:
Contact Instructions:



Extent Group 1

Extent Group 1 / Geographic Area 1

CC ID: 232971
W° Bound: -180
E° Bound: -135
N° Bound: 65
S° Bound: 50

Extent Group 1 / Time Frame 1

CC ID: 232972
Time Frame Type: Continuing
Start: 2008

Date of deployment of revised data mode.

Access Information

Security Class: Confidential
Security Classification System:

Confidential under Magnusson Stevens

Security Handling Description:

256 bit encryjption

Data Access Policy:


Data Access Procedure:


Data Access Constraints:


Data Use Constraints:


Metadata Access Constraints:


Metadata Use Constraints:




CC ID: 39037
Name: Atlas (At Sea) System Diagram

Atlas Client ERD.


CC ID: 782822
Name: Atlas (At Sea) Bird Extension

Schema shows how the At-sea take of birds interconnects with the other observer data.

Data Quality


These data are collected at sea by fisheries observers.


There are multiple layers of error checking. Initial values include database check constraints. Once transmitted extensive automated error checking occurs and near real time data confirmation and/or corrections are communicated to the observers.


Sampling bias due to the constraints of the physical environment is a known limitation, but does not appear to be significant over time.

Quality Control Procedures Employed:

Database constraints, Error scripts, Inseason Advising, Post Cruise observer debriefing.

Data Management

Have Resources for Management of these Data Been Identified?: Yes
Approximate Percentage of Budget for these Data Devoted to Data Management: Unknown
Do these Data Comply with the Data Access Directive?: No
Is Access to the Data Limited Based on an Approved Waiver?: Yes
If Distributor (Data Hosting Service) is Needed, Please Indicate: N/A
Approximate Delay Between Data Collection and Dissemination: The data from the client are transmitted in near real time to the AFSC.
If Delay is Longer than Latency of Automated Processing, Indicate Under What Authority Data Access is Delayed:

Under the Magnuson-Stevens Act section 402(b)(2) any observer data shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed except in accordance with certain exceptions. Confidentiality of observer statistics is to be maintained under 50 CFR 600.415 - Access to statistics. Access to these data are provided to Federal, State, Council, Research Institutions and others who have a demonstrated need for such access, and who have submitted and been been granted approval, of limited access confidentiality agreements. These agreements are valid only for the duration of approved projects or research, the data released

Actual or Planned Long-Term Data Archive Location: No Archiving Intended
If To Be Determined, Unable to Archive, or No Archiving Intended, Explain:

These data are on Industry owned computers, and the data sets not retained post cruise.

Approximate Delay Between Data Collection and Archiving: N/A
How Will the Data Be Protected from Accidental or Malicious Modification or Deletion Prior to Receipt by the Archive?:

N/A The data collected at sea and are purged at the end of an observer cruise. They are not appropriate for archival.


Process Steps

Process Step 1

CC ID: 232984

Data Entered by observer

Process Contact: Fisheries Monitoring and Analysis (FMA)

Catalog Details

Catalog Item ID: 7283
GUID: gov.noaa.nmfs.inport:7283
Metadata Record Created By: Doug Turnbull
Metadata Record Created: 2008-03-26 11:15+0000
Metadata Record Last Modified By: SysAdmin InPortAdmin
Metadata Record Last Modified: 2022-08-09 17:11+0000
Metadata Record Published: 2016-05-04
Owner Org: AFSC
Metadata Publication Status: Published Externally
Do Not Publish?: N
Metadata Last Review Date: 2016-05-04
Metadata Review Frequency: 1 Year
Metadata Next Review Date: 2017-05-04