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Item Identification

Title: ST7: Marine Ecosystems
Status: In Work

To improve living marine resource management, NOAA Fisheries is developing the scientific tools required to implement ecosystem based management and ecosystem based fisheries management. These integrated approaches to management account for the impact of the physical and chemical environment on biological communities and their habitats, the biological interactions between species, and anthropogenic impacts. The Office of Science and Technology develops and coordinates research programs to advance the incorporation of ecosystem information into living marine resource management.

Support Roles

Point of Contact

CC ID: 161756
Date Effective From: 2010
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Osgood, Kenric E
Address: 1315 East West Hwy
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3282
Email Address:
Phone: 301-427-8163
Fax: 301-713-1875


Glossary Terms and Definitions


CC ID: 31550

A value, or set of values, representing a specific concept or concepts. Data becomes "information" when analyzed and possibly combined with other data in order to extract meaning, and to provide context. The meaning of data can vary according to its context. (DRM usage). Note: In the NMFS EDM program, the terms "data" and "information" are treated and used synonymously, principally because whether a data has meaning is in the mind of the beholder.

Data asset

CC ID: 31551
Authority: FEA DRM

A managed container for data; examples include a relational database, Web site, document repository, directory or data service.

Data steward

CC ID: 31552

The individual who is responsible for establishing and maintaining the quality, integrity, documentation, and preservation of the data asset.

Enterprise Data (Information)

CC ID: 31553

Data and information that is:

- Already shared with some entity outside of the FMC of origin (for example, observer data that is already shared between a science center and a region);

- About entities or issues that cross FMC boundaries (for example, data about vessels that fish in multiple regions); or

- Routinely aggregated to support decisions at a higher organizational level (i.e., data that is rolled-up to support national decisions, such as catch and value data that rolls-up to Fisheries of the United States).

Information Management (IM)

CC ID: 31554

IM is the management of the information that resides on the IT Infrastructure, and addresses issues such as collection, data stewardship, IM tools and applications development, preservation, and confidentiality.

Information Technology (IT)

CC ID: 31555

IT is the infrastructure and the applications running on the infrastructure, and addresses related issues such as operations, security, capital planning and investment control, and IT tools and applications development (i.e., what are primarily the responsibility of the NMFS CIO).


CC ID: 31556
Authority: Daconta

An external description of a distinct data resource. Common usages for metadata include providing the context of the data resource, managing its lifecycle, and extending it to new uses. An example of metadata is the external description of an audio file specifying the artist that created it, when it was created, the length of playtime, and its genre of music. The purpose of metadata is to manage and improve the use of data and thereby turn it into a strategic asset. (Daconta) TBD

Metadata levels

CC ID: 31557
Authority: NMFS EDP

* Discovery-level metadata is defined as that which is required for customers to discover the data asset. It includes metadata such as data asset title, owner, data steward, description, and information category.

* Detail-level metadata is defined as enough information for customers to determine whether the data assets are what they want. It includes information such as time, location, data quality, suggestion for use, and formats.

* Element-level metadata is defined as information required for the customer to use the data elements. It includes, for each data element, information such as element name, description, format, and coding structure.

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