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Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, 2024: Biodiversity and Habitat Data Extracted from Video Files Recorded at Jarvis, Kingman, and Palmyra During July 2005 HURL Cruise,

Item Identification

Title: Biodiversity and Habitat Data Extracted from Video Files Recorded at Jarvis, Kingman, and Palmyra During July 2005 HURL Cruise
Short Name: Extracted Data - 2005 HURL cruise
Status: Completed

First reconnaissance at Jarvis Island, Palmyra Atoll, and Kingman Reef, Line Islands, for species diversity, community structure, deep-water habitats, and bottom topography of meso- and subphotic island slopes between 150-1027 m (mostly at 200-800 m) using Hawai`i Undersea Research Laboratory (HURL) PISCES research submersibles. Data were collected during July 2005 by Bruce Mundy, Frank Parrish, and James Maragos (USFWS), with major assistance with the staff of the Hawai`i Undersea Research Laboratory. Submersible dives were of 6-9 hours each: 1 at Jarvis Island, 2 at Palmyra Atoll, and 3 at Kingman Reef. Five of the dives used survey protocols from previous work in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, to allow comparisons with another region (one dive at Kingman Reef was purely exploratory). The protocol consisted of: (1) descent to a depth allowed by local conditions and time constraints; (2) exploratory observations upslope, (3) four 30 minute transects at 500, 450, 400, and 350 m during which observers identified, counted, and estimated the sizes of all fish and invertebrates with the aid of a calibrated laser scale projected on the substrate, and (4) more exploration upslope, if time allowed. Exploratory portions of the dives collected data on the species and habitat parameters observed, but did not include estimates of numbers or sizes of common organisms. Continuous audio and video files from the entire dives were recorded, from which data on biodiversity and habitat structure were extracted in the laboratory. Data analysis by Frank Parrish and Bruce Mundy.




Record count: 8,377

Supplemental Information:

Results from these data have not been published.

Some of the records have associated photos.


Theme Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword
None hurl
None invertebrate
None LHP
None pisces
None submersible

Spatial Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword
None Jarvis
None Kingman
None Palmyra

Physical Location

Organization: Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
City: Honolulu
State/Province: HI
Country: USA

Data Set Information

Data Set Scope Code: Data Set
Data Set Type: CSV and Excel Files
Maintenance Frequency: None Planned
Data Presentation Form: Table (digital)
Entity Attribute Overview:

DVD, video and paper stored at the IRC.

Support Roles


CC ID: 233468
Date Effective From: 2015
Date Effective To:
Contact (Organization): Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center (PIFSC)
Address: 1845 Wasp Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96818
Email Address:
Phone: 808-725-5360
Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Point of Contact

CC ID: 1268560
Date Effective From: 2023-08
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Schemmel, Eva M
Email Address:
Contact Instructions:

Contact via email.

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Currentness Reference: Ground Condition

Extent Group 1

Extent Group 1 / Geographic Area 1

CC ID: 69658
W° Bound: -165
E° Bound: -160
N° Bound: 10
S° Bound: -10

The Geographic Area for the data is the deepwater slopes of Jarvis Island (ca. 0.383 S, 160.0 W), Palmyra Atoll (ca. 5.867 N, 162.067 W), and Kingman Reef (6.4 N, 162.367 W ), Line Islands.

Extent Group 1 / Time Frame 1

CC ID: 44316
Time Frame Type: Range
Start: 2005-07-01
End: 2005-07-30

The start and end years for the data collected:

Survey start = 1 July 2005; end = 30 July 2005.

Access Information

Security Class: Unclassified
Data Access Procedure:

Send written request to PIFSC and get approval by the PIFSC data owner.

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Distribution Information

Distribution 1

CC ID: 721217
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Data Quality

Quality Control Procedures Employed:

QC review prior to data entry. Further QC after data entry.

Data Management

Have Resources for Management of these Data Been Identified?: Yes
Approximate Percentage of Budget for these Data Devoted to Data Management: Unknown
Do these Data Comply with the Data Access Directive?: Yes
Is Access to the Data Limited Based on an Approved Waiver?: No
Approximate Delay Between Data Collection and Dissemination: 1 Year
Actual or Planned Long-Term Data Archive Location: NCEI-MD
Approximate Delay Between Data Collection and Archiving: 1 Year
How Will the Data Be Protected from Accidental or Malicious Modification or Deletion Prior to Receipt by the Archive?:

PIFSC ITS perform regularly scheduled backups of shared drives.


Lineage Statement:

Data was collected in the field by PIFSC staff, and entered in table format into electronic spreadsheets.

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