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Title: Marsh terracing as a wetland restoration tool for creating fishery habitat. [Sabine NWR study 1999]
Short Name: Sabine NWR Terracing 1999
Status: Completed

Terracing uses existing bottom sediments to form terraces or ridges at marsh elevation and the intertidal zone is planted with marsh vegetation. This study examined the habitat value of terracing at Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana in the spring and fall of 1999 by quantifying and comparing nekton densities in a 9-yr old terrace field and nearby reference area using a 1 m2 drop sampler.


Identify and describe the relationship between fishery productivity and the coastal environment. Specifically, to examine nursery utilization of estuarine marshes by fishery species in relation to differences in salinity among sites.


Theme Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword
None abundance
None brown shrimp
None crabs
None distribution
None dredge disposal
None drop sampler
None estuarine dependent
None Farfantepenaeus aztecus
None Farfantepenaeus duorarum
None fish
None invertebrates
None Litopenaeus setiferus
None nekton
None nursery areas
None nursery habitat
None pink shrimp
None restoration
None salt marsh
None terracing
None white shrimp

Temporal Keywords

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None 1999

Spatial Keywords

Thesaurus Keyword
None Calcasieu Lake
None Gulf of Mexico
None Louisiana
None Sabine National Wildlife Refuge

Physical Location

Organization: Galveston Laboratory
City: Galveston
State/Province: TX

Project Information

Project Type: Project
Mandated By: Coastal Wetlands Planning Protection and Restoration Act
Collection Authority: Federal

Support Roles

Data Steward

CC ID: 8616
Date Effective From: 2006-07-12
Date Effective To:
Contact (Person): Ditty, James
Address: 4700 Avenue U
Galveston, TX 77551-5997
Email Address:
Phone: 409-766-3782
Fax: 409-766-3508
Contact Instructions:

Phone or email


Extent Group 1

Extent Group 1 / Geographic Area 1

CC ID: 8615
W° Bound: -93.384
E° Bound: -93.374
N° Bound: 29.894
S° Bound: 29.887

Sabine National Wildlife Refuge

Access Information

Security Class: Unclassified
Data Access Policy:

To fishery Scientists and other qualified researchers upon request.

Data Access Procedure:

Contact Jim Ditty

Data Access Constraints:

NOAA Data Quality Act Documentation and Pre-Dissemination guidelines

Data Use Constraints:

Data set is not for use in litigation. While efforts have been made to ensure that these data are accurate and reliable, NOAA cannot assume liability for any damages or misrepresentations caused by inaccuracies in these data, or as a result of these data being used on a particular system. NOAA makes no warranty, expressed or implied, nor does distribution constitute any such warranty

Data Quality


Data were entered into spreadsheets and checked against the raw data sheet to avoid entry errors

Glossary Terms and Definitions

Descriptive Terms for Study Sites

CC ID: 8835
Authority: NMFS - Galveston

Terms Defining Study Sites

General Habitat Descriptor

CC ID: 8836
Authority: NMFS - Galveston

General description of habitats sampled

Terrace marsh edge

CC ID: 8837
Authority: NMFS - Galveston

Intertidal Spartina marsh, created

Reference marsh edge

CC ID: 8838
Authority: NMFS - Galveston

Natural or created Spartina marsh

Terrace pond

CC ID: 8839
Authority: NMFS - Galveston

open water pond

Reference pond

CC ID: 8840
Authority: NMFS - Galveston

Subtidal, open water pond with natural nonvegetated mud bottom


CC ID: 8841
Authority: NMFS- Galveston

Locations within each sampled habitat


CC ID: 8842
Authority: NMFS - Galveston

Within a created terrace embankment (either Spartina marsh edge or open water pond)


CC ID: 8843
Authority: NMFS - Galveston

Natural open water or inside a terrace embankment (either vegetated or nonvegetated bottom)


CC ID: 8844
Authority: NMFS - Galveston

Natural or created Spartina marsh edge or terrace marsh edge

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