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Title: Reef Visual Census (RVC) Fish Survey Protocol for Atlantic, U.S. Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico
Short Name: 2016 RVC Protocols
Revision Date: 2016-05-19
Publication Date: 2016

The National Coral Reef Monitoring Program (NCRMP) is a broad-spatial snapshot for reef condition (i.e., fish species composition/density/size, benthic cover, and coral density/size/condition) to provide context for local-scale studies of tropical reef ecosystems. Data collection will occur at stratified random sites where the sampling domain for each region (e.g., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), Flower Garden Banks and Florida) is partitioned by habitat type and depth, sub-regional location (e.g., along-shelf position) and management zone. NCRMP is intended to supplement local monitoring efforts by providing large-scale data on reef fishes and the benthos.

NCRMP fish surveys conducted in the US Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico region (Puerto Rico, USVI, Flower Garden Banks) have traditionally used the Belt Transect method. In the Pacific and Florida regions, fish surveys are conducted using the Reef Visual Census (RVC) method. To standardize fish data collection methods and for comparison purposes, all jurisdictions will be using the RVC method for conducting fish surveys beginning in 2016. This protocol will describe fish surveys conducted in the U.S. reefs in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

The 2016 RVC protocols for Puerto Rico have substantial differences than previous versions (years) as a result of NCRMP standardization throughout the project's regions (e.g. Florida and Pacific regions). Specific differences in methodologies between regions, where applicable, are noted within the protocols


To describe the sampling designs used to monitor coral reefs and associated biological communities around Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands (USVI) and the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary (FGBNMS) as part of NCRMP that were done for 2016

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Organization: National Centers for Environmental Information - Silver Spring, Maryland
City: Silver Spring
State/Province: MD

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Contact (Organization): National Centers for Environmental Information - Silver Spring, Maryland (NCEI-MD)
Address: NOAA/NESDIS E/OC SSMC3, 4th Floor, 1351 East-West Highway
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3282
Phone: (301) 713-3277

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Start Date: 2021
End Date: Present
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Distributor: National Centers for Environmental Information - Silver Spring, Maryland (NCEI-MD) (2021 - Present)
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