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Title: Protocol for In Water Mapping of Acroporid Corals
Short Name: Protocol for In Water Mapping of Acroporid Corals
Status: Completed

Introduction: This project is a targeted survey effort aiming to better characterize the distribution of living and historical acroporid populations in the Caribbean. Diver propelled vehicles (DPV) will be used to document the location of living Acropora palmata and A. cervicornis, as well as areas of extensive intact, standing dead thickets which represent historical distribution. Surveys should target particular habitat strata known to be favored by Acropora spp. (e.g., patch reef, shallow hard-bottom, back-reef, reef crest, or shallow fore‐reef and fringing reef areas). Information from these surveys will be used to populate a GIS database and to construct maps designating the following types of areas: 1) living A. palmata colony(ies) present, 2) living A. cervicornis colony(ies) present 3) historical populations (i.e. extensive dead standing skeletons with no live colonies), 4) Acropora spp. absence, and 5) area not searched. This GIS data is being compiled by NOAA's Biogeography Team in cooperation with NOAA-Fisheries Southeast Regional Office and will be used for management and critical habitat planning.

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Protocol for In Water Mapping of Acroporid Corals

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