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Title: Other Protected Resources Projects
Status: In Work

Research is aimed at developing and testing new methods to monitor and restore damaged habitat. Research is also conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of artificial reefs, and to enhance or mitigate resource damage by natural or human activities. Research will also examine technical questions involving fishing gear effects on populations and habitat; 5) Biological Research: Fundamental biological research is essential to support stock assessments and management decision. With over 100 species of direct commercial importance and over 600 species of recreational, ecological, or aesthetic importance in the region, it is essential to have detailed behavioral and life history information for management purposes. Emphasis is on managed economically and ecologically important and threatened species; 6) Improve fishery-independent assessments: Fisheries traditionally rely on fishery-dependent data to assess stocks. Unfortunately, these data provide only limited information for most species, especially those without direct economic value. Research will develop and use new innovative visual, optical, and acoustic methods and technology to collect fishery-independent data on the status of exploited and non-exploited species with emphasis on non-destructive technology.


Scientists contribute to the conservation, recovery and management of marine biodiversity by conducting research and providing scientific and technical advice to local, state and federal management organizations, including Fishery Management Councils and the National Marine Sanctuary Program. Research covers the following themes; 1) Application and evaluation of no-take marine reserves as a fishery management tool to support sustainable fisheries, and protect marine biodiversity and ecosystem function; 2) Ecosystem structure and function -- Coral reefs are highly complex ecosystems where productivity depends on maintaining biodiversity, healthy habitat, and functional interactions among biota. Research seeks to better understand coral reef ecosystem structure and function by examining population dynamics and interactions among species, habitat and physical environmental factors in supporting the development of a comprehensive theory of reef management; 3) Essential fish habitat -- Coral reefs and other hard bottom habitats are essential fish habitats under stress from fishing and alteration from natural and human disturbance including global climate change. Research focuses on a wide range of habitat issues including evaluation of habitat quality and problems involving hard bottom benthos and coral reefs; 4) Habitat Restoration -- Research on habitat restoration and enhancement activities is an important focus of activities. Restoration of habitat damage from vessel groundings or natural disturbance is a growing problem in shallow coastal waters.


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None Gulf Of Mexico
None South Atlantic

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Organization: Southeast Fisheries Science Center
City: Miami
State/Province: FL
Country: USA

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Project Type: Program

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