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Title: Population Characteristics Of Gulf Menhaden Brevoortia Petromus
Short Name: Population Characteristics Of Gulf Menhaden Brevoortia Petromus
Status: Completed
Publication Date: 2000-04-01

The status of the Gulf menhaden, Brevoortia patronus, fishery was assessed with purse-seine landings data from 1946 to 1997 and port sampling data from 1964 to 1997. These data were analyzed to determine growth rates, biological reference points for fi shing mortality from yield per recruit and maximum spawning potential analyses, spawner-recruit relationships, and maximum sustainable yield (MSY). The separable virtual population approach was used for the period 1976?97 (augmented by earlier analyses for 1964?75) to obtain point estimates of stock size, recruits to age 1, spawning stock size, and fishing mortality rates. Exploitation rates for age-1 fish ranged between 11% and 45%, for age-2 fi sh between 32% and 72%, and for age-3 fish between 32% and 76%. Biological reference points from yield per recruit (F0.1: 1.5?2.5/yr)and spawning potential ratio (F20: 1.3?1.9/yr and F30: 0.8?1.2/yr) were obtained for comparison with recent estimates of F (0.6?0.8/yr). Recent spawning stock estimates (as biomass or eggs) are above the long-term average, while recent recruits to age 1 are comparable to the long-term average. Parameters from Ricker-type spawner-recruit relations were estimated, although considerable unexplained variability remained. Recent survival to age-1 recruitment has generally been below that expected based on the Ricker spawner-recruit relation. Estimates of longterm MSY from PRODFIT and ASPIC estimation of production model ranged between 717,000 t and 753,000 t, respectively. Declines in landings between 1988 and 1992 raised concerns about the status of the Gulf menhaden stock. Landings have fluctuated without trend since 1992, averaging about 571,000 t. However, Gulf menhaden are short lived and highly fecund. Thus, variation in recruitment to age 1, largely mediated by environmental conditions, influences fishing successover the next two years (as age-1 and age-2 fi sh). Comparisons of recent estimates of fishing mortality to biological reference points do not suggest overfishing.


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NOAA Technical Report NMFS 149 April 2000

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Population Characteristics of

Gulf Menhaden, Brevoortia patronus

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