Division / Root Project Data Set Cat ID NOAA DMP
Antarctic Ecosystem Research Division AMLR Acoustics Data 1996-2011 v1.1 11425 NOAA DMP
AMLR Temperature Recording Archival Tags Gentoos 2005-2008 v1.2 37066 NOAA DMP
AMLR Vessel Predator Observations 2003-2010 v1.0 11427 NOAA DMP
AMLR station hydrographic data 1995-2011 v2-0 11430 NOAA DMP
Acute bottlenecks to the survival of juvenile Pygoscelis penguins 63282 NOAA DMP
Annual Penguin Census 1977-2015 v1.0 55435 NOAA DMP
Antarctic Fur Seal Pup Counts CS 1995-2012 v1.0 55520 NOAA DMP
Integrated Age-based Krill Model Fish Res 2015 36841 NOAA DMP
Integrated Krill Model WG-SAM-14/20 31133 NOAA DMP
Leopard Seal UAS Images 2013-2014 v1.0 47573 NOAA DMP
Nest-level Phenology and Reproductive Success of Colonial Penguins 2015-17 v1.0 52182 NOAA DMP
US AMLR Program zooplankton dataset 11426 NOAA DMP
Fisheries Ecology Division Big Creek Pit Tags 17173 NOAA DMP
Cooperative Trap Survey for Nearshore Groundfish 29798 NOAA DMP
Determine movement patterns and survival rates of Central Valley Chinook salmon, steelhead and their predators using acoustic tags. 29838 NOAA DMP
Distribution, growth, and condition of salmonids in the central California Current Ecosystem. 29801 NOAA DMP
Green Sturgeon Acoustic Monitoring 18083 NOAA DMP
Groundfish Ecology Cruises 17085 NOAA DMP
Habitat Ecology Visual Surveys of Demersal Fishes and Habitats off California 29780 NOAA DMP
Multiple stressor effects of ocean acidification and hypoxia on behavior, physiology, and gene expression of temperate reef fishes 29940 NOAA DMP
Reproductive data for groundfish 17409 NOAA DMP
Rockfish Recruitment and Ecosystem Assessment Survey 17408 NOAA DMP
Fisheries Resources Division AMRMS Aerial survey database 20687 NOAA DMP
Acoustic Doppler current profile (ADCP) data from FRD cruises 20694 NOAA DMP
California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations (CalCOFI)Database 20691 NOAA DMP
California Gillnet Fishery 12935 NOAA DMP
California Harpoon Fishery 12866 NOAA DMP
California Pelagic Longline Fishery 12906 NOAA DMP
Commercial Passenger Fishing Vessel Fishery 2325 NOAA DMP
Conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) data from FRD cruises 20695 NOAA DMP
Continuous Underway Fish-Egg Sampler (CUFES) Database 20692 NOAA DMP
DNA data 20689 NOAA DMP
Eastern Pacific Ocean Purse-seine Fishery 2321 NOAA DMP
Echosounder data archive 21712 NOAA DMP
FRD Trawl Database 20693 NOAA DMP
FRD tissue archive 20690 NOAA DMP
Pacific Albacore Troll and Pole-and-line Fisheries 2322 NOAA DMP
SHIMADA Deep-coral Cruise 2010 - Virtual Tours 11132 NOAA DMP
Scientific Computer System (SCS) data from FRD cruises 20696 NOAA DMP
VR2W raw datafiles 27629 NOAA DMP
Marine Mammal and Turtle Division AIS data 54048 NOAA DMP
Acoustic telemetry 30815 NOAA DMP
Advancing development of a limit reference point estimator for sea turtles, and evaluating methods for applying local management to highly migratory species 21769 NOAA DMP
Carcass Specimen Data 30600 NOAA DMP
Genetics approaches to determine population vital rates 18744 NOAA DMP
Gray Whale Survey Data 30820 NOAA DMP
Hormone Data 30817 NOAA DMP
Sea Lion Diet Data 30917 NOAA DMP