Final Rule: Clarify Guidance on Council Members' Financial Disclosures and Voting Recusals


Action Status
Final Rule
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Brian Fredieu


NOAA Fisheries is publishing a final rule with changes to the regulations that address procedures to make determinations on voting recusals of council members appointed to the eight Regional Fishery Management Councils. The councils are key partners in the regional, science-based, and transparent fishery management process.

The Regional Council system was designed to allow regional, participatory governance by knowledgeable people with a stake in fishery management. These regulatory changes provide guidance to ensure consistency and transparency in the calculation of a council member’s financial interests, determine whether a close causal link exists between a council decision and a benefit to a council member’s financial interest, and to establish regional procedures for preparing and issuing recusal determinations.

This final rule is now available for public review.


Federal Register

Last updated by Office of Sustainable Fisheries on 09/10/2020