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Framework Action: Modification to Gray Triggerfish Catch Limits


Fishing Type
Commercial, Recreational
Affected Species
Action Status
Information Gathering
Point of Contact
Kelli O'Donnell, 727-824-5305,


This framework and rule would increase the Gulf of Mexico (Gulf) gray triggerfish catch limits.  The sector allocations of 79% recreational and 21% commercial, and the prior overfishing limit of 1,220,000 lbs whole weight (ww) would remain in effect.  The acceptable biological catch would be increased from 305,300 lbs ww to 456,900 lbs ww.  The commercial annual catch limit (ACL) would be increased from 64,100 lbs ww to 95,949 lbs ww.  The commercial annual catch target (ACT) would be increased from 60,900 lbs ww to 88,273 lbs ww.  The recreational ACL would be increased from 241,200 lbs ww to 360,951 lbs ww.  The recreational ACT would be increased from 217,100 lbs ww to 360,951 lbs ww.  The Gulf Fishery Management Council’s (Council) ACL/ACT Control Rule was used to calculate a new buffer between the sector ACLs and ACTs.  The commercial buffer was increased to 8% and the recreational buffer was increased to 24%.  These increased buffers should help with preventing a sector exceeding its ACL and with preventing overfishing.  The Framework Action was approved by the Council at its January 2021 meeting. 



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