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Generic Framework Amendment 2: Updates to the Spiny Lobster Overfishing Limit, Acceptable Biological Catch, and Annual Catch Limit


drawing of a spiny lobster
Generic amendments apply to multiple fishery management plans.
Fishing Type
Commercial, Recreational, Subsistence
Affected Species
Caribbean Spiny Lobster
Action Status
Information Gathering


Framework Amendment 2 to the Puerto Rico, St. Croix, and St. Thomas/St. John Fishery Management Plans would modify the overfishing limit, acceptable biological catch, and annual catch limit for spiny lobster under each Fishery Management Plan for years 2024 and later based on best scientific information available from the 2022 Update Assessment to the 2019 SEDAR 57 Spiny Lobster Stock Assessments.

Draft Amendment

Framework Amendment 2

Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on 07/27/2023