Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program Contacts

If you have questions about the Saltonstall-Kennedy program contact the following people depending on your region, or contact the program manager Cliff Cosgrove.

Contact Directory List


Clifford Cosgrove

Saltonstall-Kennedy Program Manager
Office of Management & Budget
Phone: 301-427-8736

Shawn Carey

Grants Program Officer
Alaska Regional Office
Phone: (907) 586-7845
New England/Mid-Atlantic

Susan Olsen

Supervisory Fishery Biologist, Grants
Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office
Phone: (978) 281-9330
Pacific Islands

Scott Bloom

Pacific Islands Regional Office
Phone: (808) 944-2218

Bob Sadler

Saltonstall-Kennedy Program Regional Manager
Southeast Regional Office
Phone: (727) 551-5760
West Coast

Kim Raneses

West Coast Regional Office
Phone: (206) 526-6131