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Hui (Daisy) Shi, PhD

Hui (Daisy) Shi, PhD

OceanWatch Researcher (Affiliate)
Ecosystem Sciences Division
Pelagic Research Program
Office: (808) 956-6219
Email: hui.shi@noaa.gov

Hui (Daisy) Shi, PhD

OceanWatch Researcher (Affiliate)

Research areas:

- Climate model projections Analyze the Earth System Model simulations and projections to quantify future change in the earth system and the uncertainties, and to understand its linkage to the ecosystem

- Internal climate variability Explore how internal variability, e.g., the ENSO, can affect the pelagic ecosystem and the fisheries

- Value-added oceanographic and climate products Develop new products and indicators derived from satellite data and from Earth System Models that are relevant to the fisheries




Ph.D., Meteorology, University of Hawaii at Manoa

M.A., Climate and Society, Columbia University

M.S., Environmental Sciences, Peking University