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A Message from NOAA Fisheries Southeast Leadership Following the Federal Government Shutdown

January 29, 2019

NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Administrator and Science Center Director


NOAA staff at the Southeast Regional Office and Southeast Fisheries Science Center are truly thankful to return to work following the lengthy government shutdown. This isn't just a job for us, it's a mission we are proud to support. Working with coastal communities to protect our natural marine resources, while providing fishing opportunities and maintaining a safe, sustainable seafood supply is something each and every one of us is passionate about.

We recognize the shutdown substantially impacted and challenged our constituents and partners we serve. Our highest priority is to address and minimize those impacts as quickly as possible. Our timelines will need to shift accordingly and we ask for your patience, understanding, and collaboration as we address the current backlog along with other regional priorities. Below is a list of helpful contacts for some of our offices and programs.

We appreciate our role as public servants and stewards of natural marine resources and are committed to working with you to accomplish our mission as effectively as possible.



Roy Crabtree, Southeast Regional Administrator

Clay Porch, Southeast Fisheries Science Center Director


image of Roy Crabtree

Dr. Roy Crabtree

image of Clay Porch

Dr. Clay Porch

Southeast Permits Office1.877.376.4877

Endangered Species Act Consultationsnmfs.ser.esa.consultations@noaa.gov

Essential Fish Habitat Consultations727.551-5736

Fishing Regulations and Management: 727.824.5305

Southeast Grants Office: 727.824.5323

Office of Law Enforcement: 727.824.5344 



Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on February 11, 2019