Weekly Highlights - July 2, 2018

Read about this week's enforcement actions from around the country.

Alaska Division

  • Enforcement Officers patrolled Southern Lynn Canal, Northern Chatham Strait, and Eastern Icy Straits onboard the P/V Aleutian Wind. Two vessels were contacted and one instance of compliance assistance was issued to a sport fish guide for failure to submit accurate information.
  • An Enforcement Officer conducted a patrol with an Alaska Wildlife Trooper to Whalers Cove Lodge near Angoon, Alaska.The focus of the patrol was outreach and education for the guides and crew of the Lodge. Six vessels were boarded with no violations being found.
  • An Enforcement Officer participated in a JEA patrol with the Alaska Wildlife Troopers out of Wrangell, AK. Eleven vessels were contacted resulting in two state violations.. 

Northeast Division

  • A Enforcement Officer issued a NJ recreational fisherman compliance assistance for attempting to enter an undersized (79”) shortfin shark into a shark tournament.
  • An Enforcement Officer issued a charter boat captain compliance assistance for failing to report three bluefin tunas within 24 hours of landing. The captain admitted to the violation and complied with the reporting requirement immediately. This aligns with the NED strategic priority of sustainable fisheries, reporting.
  • An Enforcement Officer provided pound net regulatory information to a Virginia fisherman who intends to establish a new pound net site in the Chesapeake Bay.

Pacific Islands Division

  • Enforcement Officers in American Samoa conducted boarding’s of several Taiwanese flagged longline fishing vessel. Fishing logs, RFMO authorization paperwork, transshipment documents, and compliance with CMM’s were investigated. The offload at Starkist Tuna Cannery and Samoa Tuna Processors were monitored in cooperation with a Taiwanese government official.
  • Two Enforcement Officers conducted boarding’s of two Hawaii Longline Fishing Vessel at Pier 38 in Honolulu Harbor, Hawaii. During the boarding’s the officers reviewed/investigated the vessels’ permits, logbooks, fishing gear, VMS, and protected species ID cards. No violations were found.

Southeast Division

  • An Enforcement Officer conducted an offshore patrol out of Beaufort, SC, with South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources. Four shrimpers were boarded to check TED’s. Compliance assistance was provided to one shrimper for a minor TED violation.
  • An Enforcement Officer conducted an offshore patrol aboard Florida FWC vessel out of Jacksonville,
    Florida. Several recreational fishing vessels were boarded during the patrol with compliance assistance being given to one vessel for an undersized gray trigger fish.
  • An Enforcement Officer attended the Nassau Sport Fishing Associations June meeting. A short presentation/question and answer session was given on NOAA OLE and federal fishing regulations. Approximately 90 members were in attendance..

West Coast Division

  • Enforcement Officers conducted offload and dock-side inspections. No violations were noted.