How do you farm marine finfish?

A variety of techniques and technologies — each with its own advantages and disadvantages — can be used to raise marine finfish:

  • Hatcheries — most aquaculture fish begin their lives in a hatchery. In fact, the populations of many fish caught by traditional fishing are augmented in hatcheries, then released.
  • Pond culture — one or many earthen ponds are used to culture some marine species.
  • Cage culture — enclosed cages are submerged in aquatic environments. Careful protocols and monitoring help to minimize potential interactions with the environment. 
  • Recirculating systems — fish, shellfish, and or plant-life are raised in "closed-loop" production systems that continuously filter and recycle water and waste. 
  • Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture — several species are raised together in a way that allows one species' by-products to be recycled as feed for another.