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Alaska Endangered Species and Critical Habitat Mapper Web Application

January 29, 2018

Spacial data and maps of critical habitat and Endangered Species Act (ESA) threatened and endangered marine mammals under NOAA Fisheries jurisdiction in Alaska.

The ESA species Mapper allows you to:

  • identify which cetaceans and pinnipeds┬ámay occur in any location in the Alaska Exclusive Economic Zone
  • map the known distribution of cetaceans and pinnipeds in Alaska under NOAA Fisheries jurisdiction
  • determine which species are protected by the Endangered Species Act and/or the Marine Mammal Protection Act
  • map designated critical habitat for species protected by the Endangered Species Act
  • map a project site and determine for which species consultation under the ESA may be warranted in that area (i.e. develop a species list)

For National consultations and analyses, please use the National Critical Habitat Geodatabase, Service, and Mapper

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on 05/04/2022

Critical Habitat