Environmental Assessment/Regulatory Impact Review/Final Regulatory Flexibility Analysis Addition of the City of Akutan to the List of Communities Eligible to Participate in the Community Development Quota Programs

June 01, 1996

Adding the City of Akutan to the CDQ Eligible Communities List

This regulatory amendment is in three parts. First, it would add the City of Akutan to the list of western Alaska communities eligible to participate in the pollock and halibut/sablefish Community Development Quota programs. Since the implementation of the pollock CDQ program in 1992, and the HiS CDQ program in 1995, Akutan has been excluded from CDQ participation because it was determined that Akutan did not meet one of the four eligibility criteria.

This exclusion was based on erroneous assumptions, therefore, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council has recommended to NOAA Fisheries that Akutan be added to the list of eligible communities.

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on 12/05/2018

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