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Guide to Renewing Your Hawaii Longline Permit Online

July 06, 2020

Please renew your Hawaii longline permit online using the National Permits System (NPS). If you have questions, want to transfer a permit, or replace or change the vessel, contact the PIRO Permits Office.

You will need

Legible scan or photograph of:

  • Current U.S. Coast Guard certificate of documentation or state registration of the vessel
  • Current Protected Species Workshop certificate issued to vessel owner, authorized company officer, or representative
  • Written authorization from permit holder if you are a designated agent
  • Valid credit or debit card, or bank information for ACH payment

Please follow on-screen instructions. The screens shown below are examples.

First-time User

Go to NPS website.

Click on the Register button, found at the right of the screen shown here by the orange box.

NOAA Fisheries Permit welcome screen.

Note: If you are already a registered user, you may login with your existing Username and Password and skip to the Registered Users section below. 

When you come to the New User Registration screen, enter your name, email address, and a Username of your choice. Click Continue at the bottom right of the screen.

NOAA Fisheries Permits new user registration.

The system will email you a confirmation with a temporary Password. Keep the registration screen open and check your email. It may take a few minutes to receive your confirmation email.

Once you receive your confirmation email, you may login using your new Username and temporary Password. 

Create a new Password and make a note of your Username and Password for future use before proceeding to renew your permit.

Registered User

After you login, you will see the Permit Application screen. Click on Renew Your Permit.

NOAA Fisheries renew permit application screenshot.

If you are renewing a permit online for the first time, you may need to enter a Permit Access Code (PAC) where indicated on the following screen and click Validate.

  • If you don’t have a PAC, contact the Permits Office. A PAC is confidential and for your use only. 
  • If you are renewing more than one permit online for the first time, you will need a PAC for each.
  • If you have previously renewed your permit online, you may skip this step.

After validating your PAC, you will see the permit linked to your name. Please review the information carefully.

NOAA Fisheries My Permits - enter new permit access code screenshot

If your information is correct, click Get Permit at the bottom right. If your information is incorrect or if your PAC is not working, please contact the Permits Office.

On the following screen, put a checkmark in the Renew box. DO NOT change anything under Question 1 below. Changing this information will invalidate your online application. If you want to change the permit holder, contact the Permits Office.

NOAA Fisheries renew screen

Upload a legible scan or photograph (PDF, JPG, PNG) of the required documents where indicated in the sample screen below. 

  • JPG files may be up to 4 Megabytes (MB) in size. Other file types should be no more than 1 MB. 
  • You may also email documents to piro-permits@noaa.gov
  • Contact the Permits Office if you have problems.
NOAA Fisheries Permits application steps

You will next see two screens that have your information filled in. One screen is for Permit Holder Information and the next is for Vessel Ownership Information.

Review the information carefully. Update only the address and contact information, if needed. 

DO NOT change the Vessel or Permit Holder information. Changing this information will invalidate your online application. If you want to transfer the permit, or replace or change your vessel, contact the Permits Office.

NOAA Fisheries Permit Application Process - PERMIT HOLDER INFORMATION HOLDER


Permit application - VESSEL OWNERSHIP Hawaii longline limited entry permit application form online

You will next come to the Applicant Information screen. Please read the legal statement. It is a Federal violation to file false information on a permit application (18 USC 1001, 50 CFR 665.15(b)).

If you are a designated agent, you must provide written authorization from the permit holder or authorized representative designating you as the agent.

Enter the date, select your role from the pull down menu under Applicant Title, and click Continue at the bottom right of the screen. 

Permit application - Hawaii longline limited entry permit application form online

You will next come to the Applicant Signature page. Before you sign electronically, please review the information and read the legal statement. Click Back if you need to update any contact information.

When you are ready to sign the application:

  • Check the box next to the sentence, “I have read and understand the statement above.” 
  • Enter your Account Password.
  • Type your Signature.

When you sign the application, you certify that everything you submit is true and you fulfill all legal requirements.

Permit application review entries.

After you sign the application electronically, click Continue.

The NPS will then send you to pay.gov to pay the non-refundable application processing fee. Pay.gov is operated by the U.S. Treasury as a secure way to pay a processing fee online. Click Continue to Pay.gov Website.

Permit application important please read.

Paying the Application Fee. Pay.gov will give you options to pay. Please pay attention to the onscreen instructions. The screens may appear slightly different from the examples shown here.

National Permit System - select payment method.

Here are two sample screens for credit card payment. When you submit your payment, the system will send you back to the permit site.

National Permit System - enter credit or debit card information
National Permit System - review and submit payment

When payment is accepted, you will receive a confirmation screen.

If you did not upload your documents, email them to piro-permits@noaa.gov. Do not mail to the
Permits Office. If your application is not complete, it will not be processed.

If you cannot complete the application process, NPS will save your application for your return.

Approval and Issuance of Permit

NOAA Fisheries will review and approve your application if it is complete and meets all requirements. The Permits Office will email the permit and associated documents to the address you provided.

Print the permit and keep it on your vessel. It will suffice for any legal requirements. You may wish to print extra copies for your files and file the PDFs on your computer for safe keeping.

If your application is incomplete, the Permits Office will notify you. Please respond within 30 days or the application may be considered abandoned.

Permit Transfer and Vessel Replacement

To transfer a permit, or to replace or change a vessel, please contact the Permits Office.

Questions/Contact Us

For any questions, please contact the Permits Office at piro-permits@noaa.gov or (808) 725-5190.

We appreciate any suggestions you may have for improving this system. Please share them with us using the above contact information. Thank you for using the National Permit System.

Last updated by Pacific Islands Regional Office on 08/31/2023