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Native Harvest and Use of Beluga in the Upper Cook Inlet from January through June 1995

June 10, 1995

Cook Inlet beluga whale subsistence hunt results

Native beluga whale hunters of the upper Cook Inlet reported results of their beluga hunts during April, May, and June of 1995. Twenty-two belugas were taken, eight were sunk, and five were reported wounded. Therefore, a total of 30 whales were reported killed. Larger belugas were whiter and shorter ones were grayer, with some overlap between white and grayish-white around 12 feet of length. Nearly equal numbers of males and females were reported taken. Native beluga hunting technique, whale use, and knowledge regarded beluga are briefly discussed. Particular attention is given to techniques which should increase hunt efficiency and minimize waste.

Last updated by Alaska Regional Office on 06/07/2018

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