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Understanding Perceptions That Drive Conflict Over the Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal

July 03, 2024

The importance of resource managers articulating their own assumptions and values, and to work to understand the assumptions and values of those who may be affected by successful monk seal recovery efforts, to develop effective strategies that prevent and address conflict over this recovering endangered species.

As conservation and management actions facilitate the recovery of threatened and endangered marine species, and human populations expand in urbanizing coastal areas, people are increasingly coming into contact with marine wildlife. These increasing human-wildlife interactions can cause conflict, as has been the case with the endangered Hawaiian monk seal.

Konrad L, Levine A, Leong KM, Koethe F 2024. Understanding perceptions that drive conflict over the endangered Hawaiian monk seal Front. Conserv. Sci. 5:1394063.

Last updated by Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center on 07/09/2024