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Sustainable Fisheries Research in the Southeast

Learn more about fisheries research in the Southeast.


We are responsible for scientific research on living marine resources that live in marine and estuarine habits of the continental southeastern United States, as well as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We develop the scientific information required for fishery resource conservation and fishery development and utilization. We also conduct research to address specific needs in population dynamics, fishery biology, fishery economics, engineering and gear development, and protected species biology.

More specifically, our scientists collect and analyze fishery dependent and independent data to:

  • Produce catch, effort, and life history information.

  • Estimate the current status of fishery stocks, using computerized mathematical models.

  • Present assessment results to fishery management organizations.

  • Provide advice to domestic and international agencies on possible outcomes of implementing fishery management options.

Visit our site at www.sefsc.noaa.gov or click on our quick links below:

Last updated by Southeast Regional Office on June 13, 2019