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Catch Share and Limited Access Programs in Alaska

Alaska fishery management programs that allocate a specific percentage of the total allowable catch or prohibited species catch allowance to individuals, cooperatives, communities, or other entities. Catch Share includes more specific programs defined in…

Standard Ex-vessel Prices and Fee Percentages for Cost Recovery Under the Central Gulf of Alaska Rockfish Program

Notices of standard ex-vessel prices and fee percentages for cost recovery under the Central Gulf of Alaska Rockfish Program. These notices are intended to provide participants in a rockfish cooperative with the standard prices and fee…

Alaska Online Services

eFISH, eLandings, seaLandings and tLandings - online services for Alaska's federal fisheries.

Alaska Fisheries Management Reports

Fishery program reports on data transfers, quota shares, allocations, cooperatives, cost recovery, arbitration, crab seasons and TAC, ex-vessel value and volume prices, program development, and annual reports.

Central Gulf of Alaska (GOA) Rockfish Program

The rockfish fisheries are conducted in Federal waters near Kodiak, Alaska, by trawl and longline vessels. The Rockfish Program allocates harvest privileges to holders of License Limitation Program (LLP) groundfish licenses with a history of Central Gulf…

Cost Recovery Programs, Fee Collection and Fee Payment in Alaska

Cost recovery for the Community Development Quota Program and limited access privilege programs, and fee collection for the observer partial coverage category in North Pacific groundfish and halibut fisheries.

Gulf of Alaska Rockfish Program Applications and Report Forms

The Rockfish Program assigns quota share (QS) to License Limitation Plan (LLP) licenses for…
Catch Shares, Commercial, Dealer/Buyer, Dealer / Buyer ,

Central Gulf of Alaska Rockfish Program Cost Recovery Reports

Annual reviews of cost recovery and fee payment for the Central Gulf of…
January 14, 2018 - Program Review ,

Amendment 103 to the FMP for the Groundfish of the Gulf of Alaska Management Area

NOAA Fisheries issues this final rule to implement Amendment 103 to the Fishery Management Plan for Groundfish of the Gulf of Alaska. Amendment 103 and this final rule allow NOAA Fisheries to reapportion unused Chinook salmon prohibited species catch…

Central Gulf of Alaska Rockfish Program Informational Guide

The rockfish fisheries managed under this program are conducted in federal…
November 25, 2015 - Other Reports ,