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Billfish Newsletter

The Billfish Newsletter is an annual publication produced by the Southwest Fisheries Science Center as a service to the international angling community.

In 2020, SWFSC discontinued distribution of billfish tags, the International Billfish Angler Survey, and the Billfish Newsletter. However, we will continue to log tag recoveries. Please continue to report recaptured billfish and the release of any tags currently in your possession.

The Billfish Newsletter was an annual publication produced from 1964 through 2020 by the Southwest Fisheries Science Center as a service to the international angling community.  The results of the International Billfish Angler Survey and the Cooperative Marine Game Fish Tagging Program are described in each issue. Emphasis is on billfish angling in the Pacific, Indo-Pacific and Indian Oceans. The data presented results from the dedicated efforts and cooperation of billfish anglers, sport fishing clubs and agencies affiliated with the SWFSC.  We express our sincere appreciation to all who have participated in the program over the years. 

The Cooperative Billfish Tagging Program StoryMap: Recognizing six decades of billfish tagging and survey data collected by the global fishing community.

Those who want to continue tagging efforts can purchase tags through the Billfish Foundation Shop.


Contact Us

If you recover or release a billfish please contact:
Nicole Nasby-Lucas
Life History Program, Fisheries Resources Division
Southwest Fisheries Science Center
8901 La Jolla Shores Dr., La Jolla, CA 92037
Phone (858) 334-2826
Email: nicole.nasby-lucas@noaa.gov

Billfish Newsletters are now available online only. We hope you continue to enjoy reading about the amazing tagging efforts our constituents have achieved throughout the years.  


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